Triangular Gazing

AKA triangulating

Quick Definition: The act of getting into a sexual state by looking from a woman’s eyes down to her lips, in a triangular pattern.

Full Definition:

Triangular gazing is a way to set the tone for a kiss through subcommunication and body language. By using triangular gazing, a PUA can subtly and nonverbally let his target know that he is interested in kissing her. And, if she seems receptive, go in for the kiss.

Some PUAs also use triangular gazing as a form of pAImAI, gazing at a woman’s lips seductively and gauging her reaction, even before he has approached her. If the woman reciprocates by giving off IOIs and AIs, the PUA then goes in for the approach.

As posted by Scoob on Fast Seduction:

Picture an upside down triangle. Imagine that her eyes are two corners of the triangle and her lips are the other corner. You have been building rapport with her and have shared a particularly good laugh or a “moment” where you can feel a really good connection with her. You are mirroring one another’s body language, both leaning in and making strong and steady eye contact. You briefly break the eye contact by looking down at her lips and back into her eyes with the same intensity as before. USUALLY, she will almost instinctively look down at your lips too. This is the go-ahead signal to kiss her…quickly. Once you begin triangular gazing you need to act soon or she will become turned off by your hesitancy. If she does NOT look down at your lips (mirroring your triangular gazing) then she doesn’t feel comfortable enough with you and you must build more rapport or try different tactics to build attraction such as cocky/funny or, if all else fails, patterning language and using her trance words.

It’s much less involved than it sounds and you’ve probably done this in the past with a chick but weren’t even conscious of it. One weird thing I’ve noticed recently is that I’ve been using triangular gazing on chicks as I walk past them in a club just to see how they would react. Oddly enough the majority of them seem to get really excited by it and start giving off major IOI’s, despite having never spoken. Maybe it’s because most guys are looking at their boobs or their asses. Of course I am too but very discreetly. Looking at their lips seems to throw them completely for a loop. Anyone else ever notice that?

Although cliche, pop culture kissing techniques can work during a pickup


I went for the kiss close after quickly triangulating.

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