• Trial By Fire

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: When a PUA is thrown out into a situation whereby he must learn on-the-fly without prior coaching or preparation.

    Full Definition:

    Trial by fire quickly tosses a newbie into the flame (in field) to gain experience, even if they suck. This is essential for gauging their skill set. Only in admitting and accepting that they suck, can an artist begin to truly develop his pick up skill competency.

    In trial by fire situations, time is not a luxury and it is running out. When a PUA is on vacation but alone, and he only has a limited time in a cool city. Or, when he has to attend an event, and there are sets available. Sometimes, bridges can be “burned” by giving you friend $100, and getting $20 back for each approach. The human mind is afraid of loss, and we use these built-in psychology triggers to force ourselves to do approaches. Over time, trial by fire scenarios make newbies better.

    The definition of the fire also involves some pain or risk if the newbie fails. For example, a very new guy can be very un-calibrated and suffer harsh rejections. These risks are real, and it is the primary negative motivation of walking over fire – so that the longer he stays still and inactive, the more he suffers.

    Generally speaking, a trial by fire experience where the worse scenario is controlled with a limit (i.e. doing 10 push ups for not approaching) is healthy and a great way to get otherwise shy guys to take action.

    fire walk

    Similar to the fire walk exercise, a trial by fire experience forces a newbie to adapt, move, and be in momentum or suffer severe consequences.


    Stop complaining and to in field work on vacation. That way, it will be like trial by fire.

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