Trés Chic

“Trés Chic” in French means “very chic.”  In fashion, the term refers to anything that is extremely fashionable and aesthetically pleasing.  As much as fashion is about trends, it’s about feeling too, and sometimes when a person looks at an article of clothing or an accessory, it just seems “right.”  This is the essence of something that is trés chic.  Over the years, trés chic fashion has been used to describe something that is well put together, with clean lines.  More than that, someone who is trés chic has an overall look of sophistication.  The trés chic woman is perhaps put together with her hair in a low bun, wearing a freshwater pearl necklace, and pumps.  The trés chic man is debonair, perhaps with a pea coat, a briefcase indicating that he’s a businessman, an attorney or an academic, with a well styled haircut.

 tres chic mens style

Trés chic is often used to refer to style in other ways – style that is not directly concerned with fashion, but other aesthetic areas such as interior design.  For instance, a young bachelor’s apartment may be decorated in a way that is trés chic.  In this case, trés chic simply means visually appealing or sexy.  Dark, leather furniture that screams masculinity, with a touch of femininity, e.g. a bouquet of flowers would be trés chic interior look.

tres chic2 mens style


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