Travel Pick Up (TPU)

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A pickup that occurs while traveling abroad, usually in a different city or country.

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The phrase “travel pick up” is fairly new, but the idea of picking up women while traveling is a very old one. Many PUAs find seducing women while traveling abroad to be easier than at home, and there are a number of factors that contribute to this.

One of the reasons that picking up women while traveling is easier is because when one is traveling, one is often in a vacation mindset. Traveling to a new location helps to break the PUA out of his comfortable and familiar routines, and puts him in a fun and playful state of mind, which helps with the pickup.

Travel Pick Up-In Action
Travel Pick Up In Action

Another key reason for the success of travel pickup is that women are often more receptive to having casual sex with strangers that they will never have to see again. Because the PUA is only visiting for a little while, there are few consequences to a woman’s social status if she engages in casual sex (as long as she is discrete about it), and so the PUA’s approach is less likely to trigger ASD. Women often travel a lot for this very reason. A PUA can use this fact to his advantage to engage in no-strings attached sex.

Another consequence of travel is that the PUA will only be around for a short time. This can help the PUA create a frame of scarcity, essentially making the pleasure of his company a limited time opportunity, which women will want to take advantage of, or risk regretting later.

Finally, traveling can create great opportunities for pickup, because people are often attracted to others who are different than them. The further that a PUA travels from home, the more unique his lifestyle and experiences become compared to those around him. Thus, by traveling, the PUA can make himself a unique and valued commodity.

Women are also attracted to men who have sexy accents, and there are also believed to be a number of evolutionary reasons for why women prefer men who are genetically different than them as well.

The bottom line is that traveling can be a great way to pickup women and engage in casual sex.

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