Transitory Experience

Quick Definition: An experience that is short-lived and temporary.

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If there’s one thing that pickup artists can learn from Buddhism, it’s the fact that nothing is certain and nothing ever is. In fact, the only thing that is truly constant in the universe is change in itself. And the sooner that you realize this irony of life, the smoother you will sail through it.

Everything changes
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A transitory experience is an experience that isn’t long-lived. It could last for an instant or it could last for years, but its nature is that it will eventually pass. And when you really think about it, life is one big movie reel of these transitory experiences. The other thing about transitory experiences is that while you are experiencing them, you might feel that they are permanent when in fact they are not. For example, when you are a child you feel like you’ll be stuck in school forever. But when you leave school you feel like it all past by in an instant.

When learning the game, it is important to recognize this transient nature of your journey learning as a pickup artist. One minute you might be enjoying an interaction with a beautiful woman who seems totally into you, but the next instant you could be getting humiliated by a man who has better game and who is more alpha than you. The trick is to be able to ride the tide and not view these transitory experiences as permanent blows or successes. A great pickup artist should be able to enjoy the moment and live in it, but also move on to his next goal or experience once the moment passes.

Tyler Durden from RSD Nation on transitory experiences:

Usage: Success and failure are both transitory experiences.

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