• Transitions / Transitioning

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The way a PUA moves from one mode of communication to the next, or otherwise provides a bridge between different phases of the seduction process.

    Full Definition:

    The mastery of transitions is an important step to becoming an intermediate PUA. Successful transitions solves the problem of:

    1. Avoid awkward pauses
    2. Smooths out one phase to another
    Much like a comedian who transitions from one comic subject to another, a smooth, seamless transition leaves the audience comfortable and in awe of what they are witnessing – a spectacular performance.
    One might argue that pick up is just yourself at its best having a conversation, while overs believe that eveyr social interaction, in the beginning of meeting a stranger, is a “game” and thus a “set” or performance piece. And both would be right – we are always exhibiting our real and perceived selves onto the world.

    There are a couple of major transition points that a seducer must master. This pans across many different seduction schools of thought and I may not have covered all the transition points. Nonetheless, here goes:

    • First transition is from the opening to having a normal conversation. Many newbies make the mistake of NOT transitiong away from the opener. There’s only so much you can say about dental floss. Move on, start talking about things that actually matter to you.
    • In comfort, a good seducer shifts from flirting and teasing to normal serious conversation. This constant push and pull spikes her emotions and keeps her in a playful state. It is also extremely fun for you. Transitioning to sarcastic to teasing to serious is a sublte yet important skill.
    • Getting her number – this should be an after thought, matter of fact transition, the number is a result of the great interaction you’ve had.
    • Qualification – sometimes, you need to let the girl know why you are interested in her, and this can in in the form of “So, can you cook?”
    • At some point the PUA needs to stop joking around and show her that you’re a real person. This is the phase of comfort conversation and requires a smooth transition.
    • Seduction escalation is a very transition phase – going from initial conversation to sexual escalation, whether verbal or non-verbal. Depending on the type of game you’re running, this transition can happen right away on the open, or later on in a seduction location
    James Bond is great at moving from a serious gun fight to seducing the ladies. While this isn’t exactly realistic, his changing modes of communication is worthy of learning:

    Mastering smooth transitions is a key element of great game, and bedding 9s and 10s. You want to be so in command of this that everything appears naturally.


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