Quick Definition: A change of the topic of conversation in a smooth and seamless way.

Full Definition:

Smooth transitions are key to a successful pickup. Whether it is from Open to normal conversation, from a conversation to a number exchange, or some talking to sex, each stage of the seduction require a smooth transition.

Seamless is key, and it should seem natural. The opposite is to just say what is happening and be at peace with it. “I guess I should ask for your number now?” instead of pretending to be cool if you are not. On the other hand, if you are indeed like that at your core, simply say, “give your your number and I will give you a call”

Transitions are extremely important and help newbies identify why they run out of things to say, or can’t move forward from the opener or normal conversation towards a solid number. Time Bridging is also a transition from number to day 2.

Much like a relay race, transitioning requires work to be more efficient

Successful transitioning takes experience and practice, and being able to accept what is happening in the moment and adapting too it without too much emotional thought or baggage. A PUA who can transition successfully saves time, is more efficient, increases his own perceived value, and is more likely to have a solid close.


Practice your transitioning after the open.

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