• Trance of Scarcity

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The extremely negative thought pattern that makes an artist believe there are only a certain number of girls that are right for him or that he can meet, which drastically contrasts with the reality of data. The negativity of the mentality may be brought on by a series of bad social reactions from girls or people.

    Full Definition:

    Getting blown out, having a girl and then losing her while she is in your bedroom, or even having a string of flakes from girls may turn any artist into a trance of scarcity. Honestly, I myself have been through those periods too. This is where the learning begins. As an OG would say, you always need to keep your head aware of the bigger picture.

    Sometimes, the string of negative feedback is so drastic because we are still conditioned to respond as if we were a tribe of 50 people. So, for example, let us say I get blown out 3 times in a row in a bar. Why might a guy feel so bad about that? In the reality of this world, all he has to do is go to another bar, and the social status bar is reset.

    Furthermore, a lot of failures provide a foundation of core identity change and lessons learned. The trance can also be caused by failures in other areas of life: wealth, health, and relationships. If all of these are out of order, a “trance” can take place, which usually is a precursor to depression. Clinical depression is also studied and identified as not being focused on reality. Instead of seeing things as they actually are, as close to reality as possible, depressed people see only the negatives and magnify each negative event more than it is worth.

    Tyler explains the illusional “trance of scarcity” at 24:00:

    Realistically it is possible to have real scarcity: the world was once in such a state. Climate change may have affected this. Back in the winter days, the man who was most cautious may have survived. Nowadays, this is rarely true in a capitalistic society. There have been other times of war, imperialism, and communism where the freedoms we possess now did not exist. For the most part, in today’s world, we have a level of potential for success that is unmatched in history. Thus, recognize if you are in a trance of scarcity, mentally train your mind to see abundance in our world.


    Dude you’re trapped in this trance of scarcity that is simply not true!

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