Training Chasm

Quick Definition: A potential fail point for most beginners as they attempt to learn a new skill before they “breakthrough”.

Full Definition:

In the 1991 book “Crossing the Chasm” by Geoffrey Moore the concept of the “chasm” was introduced to marketers of technology and innovative products.

crossing the chasm

Similarly, athletes that start training for a new sport will tell you of a training chasm. There comes a certain point where by they decide to give up, or breakthrough to the next level. In workout sessions, your body will generate heat and it will also reach a point of either fatigue, or burning energy to keep going.

Similarly in pick up, newbies may experience this chasm and call it a day, or simply give up. This is why the majority of guys who learn game do not become good at it.

Once aware of this chasm, PUAs learning game can monitor their progress. They give up less because they know that there’s a chasm and there is land on the other side. Newbies can stop worrying about the future, and focus instead on the present moment and small, incremental improvements. The most important thing about the chasm is that it will deliberately make you feel like you have a long way to go, or rationalize reason to give up. Once crossed, a certain improvement is gained that is permanent, cant cannot be taken away from you.

Usage: Once you cross the training chasm you will be glad to you did what you did.

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