Top Five Men's Style Forums

Guest post by Debbie Anderson

Forums are the online equivalent of hanging out at a bar with your buddies. The very best forums address a diverse range of fashion topics and are home to men just like you who share what they know and ask what they don't. A popular source of information and advice, style forums provide the perfect places for you to find out what you want to know about what to wear – and what not to put on under any circumstances.

We culled the Internet for some of the most popular and helpful style forums on the web. Here's our favorites of the bunch:


Style Forum is over 10 years old – an epoch in the digital age. With membership (which is free) in the six figures, most Style Forum posts contain feedback from hundreds of men – and the Menswear thread has nearly two million posts.

Forum threads are well organized and easy to find and range from “How to Wear a White Shirt” to “Tie Porn” to “What are You Wearing Right Now?” Style Forum is the go-to place to ask questions, get style advice. and share what you know. If the sheer number of posts overwhelms you, you can subscribe to specific threads in forums, individual articles, or to specific “tags” or keywords that while update you when they are used in a thread.

Style Forum appeals mainly to men in the 18-34 demographic, but we've seen threads that appeal to all ages. The common denominator? An interest in looking your best.


Ask Men's forums cover everything from celebrities to fashion and specific threads include questions like “Who is Your Style Inspiration?” and “Should I Get a Buzz Cut?” Other discussion topics run the gamut from shoe selections, where to find sweaters, and how to dress up.

Garnering over one-and-a-half million page views a day, Ask Men is a great place to ask men for style advice or contribute your own fashion expertise to the community.

Again, the sweet spot demographic here is men 18-34, but like Style Forum, there are plenty of topics on Ask Men's forum that are applicable to men any age.


Andy worked in retail at Ralph Lauren and is a respected men's fashion writer whose work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Men's Health and more.

Andy is well known in the men's style forum space (his site is also more than 10 years old) and most post views number in the thousands (the “What Are You Wearing?” thread has over 23,000 replies).

His forum has 12,000 members, mostly aged 18-34. Threads cover “Suits 101” and answer questions such as “Favorite Tie Maker?” and even specific queries like “Who are the Good Tailors in Dallas?” Andy's forum is a wealth of information and advice.


The Art of Manliness forums currently have more than 1,300 discussions going about hair, what to wear, and skincare. You also got info on colognes, shoes, and of course – what makes a man manly.

With more than 28,000 members in the (wait for it) 18-34 single men demographic, the Art of Manliness has a cheeky tone, but is a veritable wellspring of excellent style advice.

The forums cover topics not specific to fashion as well, so be sure to visit the “Dressing and Grooming” thread if you're looking for style tips and feedback. Recent posts include “What to Wear to Meet a Congressman?” and “Casual Shoes for Cold Weather?”

As I mentioned, the members here tend to be funnier than those on your average forum site, with one guy asking for help finding a new cologne that smells like “leather, tobacco, wood, and welding flame.”

5. Fashion Beans

This UK-based site imparts “timeless style for the modern gent.” With 2,200 members and 1,200 threads on everything from grooming, hair, health and fitness to shoes and boots, the forums and accompanying blog are updated daily with the latest men's fashion tips and trends.

Best yet, these forums serve males ages 15-40, so there's truly a topic for everyone to get excited about here.

Forums are ideal for group interaction, so if that's what you're craving, take a look at one of the above sites. Plus, ask questions of the community, post (and read) links to interesting articles, and just start a conversation. You might be surprised at how much you learn.


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