Top Dating Coaches (Pick Up Artists) of 2013

Hey Fans, Followers, PUAs, Naturals, AFCs, Haters,

Hope you’re having a great summer and it is that time of the year again. This year we asked you to list your favorite dating instructors and we investigated each and every suggestion from our readers. You may remember last year’s list that featured the coaches that were “dedicated to their craft and focus on students“.

Top PUAs of 2013 Dating Coaches
3 of the top 12 PUAs / Dating Coaches of 2013

Every year, I get HATE mail and also links from PUA Hate saying that all the instructors suck and its all marketing. Well this year, in 2013, I have something to say to all the haters, it is here:


Instead of complaining about people trying to build a business or making the dating world a better place, why don’t you do something better with your life?

Ah. That felt cathartic. Ok onto the good stuff.

This year, we searched for the best by focusing on the question, “What would the community be like without them?” and imagined a timeline where these people did NOT exist and how the world would have changed. Kind of like Professor X in X-Men’s Days of Future Past. What would happen if Dr. Martin Luther King didn’t exist? What would the world look like today?

You may disagree with some of my choices, and also some instructors no doubt make our list every year while others don’t. My bias is more based on the fact that I don’t have a relationship with them and can’t get an inner view of how they run their businesses. Other instructors actually provide me with logins to their private forums, posting groups, and also bootcamps so I get a first hand view of what is going on.

I also think that the term PUA Coach needs to change to Dating Coach, and eventually, Lifestyle Coach. Ultimately, this is a game of self improvement, being your best, and understand human dynamics in order to make the world a better place. I’m not here so worship man-eaters or man-whores and I don’t think you are either. In any case, PUA Lingo doesn’t discriminate – whether the idea/term is from a misogynistic coach or one that spreads love, the idea itself is pure and therefore deserves recognition in the online halls of fame and exist as free, useful information for anyone who is learning.

Without further ado, here we go for 2013’s best Dating Coaches:

#12. Ross Jeffries

School: Speed Seduction | Website: | Founded Since: 1991

12 Ross Jeffries
Iconic photo of Ross with 2 women and his glasses

Where would we be without Jeffries? The pioneer of NLP techniques incorporated into seduction, he has single-handedly transformed how to meet women back when no one else was around. (1980s)

Jeffries has been controversial in his public appearances and his depiction in Neil’s book The Game. Nonetheless, he is still called “the father of the seduction community”.  The fact that he can pick up at his age is still a miracle and gives hope to men of all ages worldwide.

Without Jeffries, we wouldn’t have a father figure, or a pioneer in the game. The advent of Style, Mystery, and the Internet probably wouldn’t have been as cool without his precedence.

#11. Psych (Tao of DJ Fuji)

School: Tao of DJ Fuji | Website: | Founded Since: 2009

11 Psych DJ Fuji
Psyche is usually dressed stylishly, we decided to make him more “relaxed” in this caricature

You guys probably think I have a homo-fantasy with DJ Fuji by now so for once I’m going to leave him off the list and instead focus on the up-and-coming Psych. Psych, from what we have heard, is a stop-notch instructor who is dead-on in giving students the directly feedback that they need to mend the holes in their game.

Psych brings integrity and the fundamentals back into pick-up at a time when the community desperately needs it. You can find out more about him by requesting coaching info at

Psych can go for the full close and is unafraid to enter a table full of women dining as well as imitate other PUAs:

#10. Hypnotica

Profile | Website: | Founded: Before 2003

10 Hypnotica PUA
Eric (Hypnotica) kind of looks like Wolverine, and will dress as such at Comic Con

We have never honored the great Hypnotica, Style’s wing and friend. While working in a strip-club, Hypnotica has honed in on stripper game and the nuances and subtleties of dating strippers. More importantly, everyone that knows him has also known him not only as a coach, but as a good friend.

He was one of the original guys who was exploring the art of seduction even before the advent of the community on the internet. His interview with the pick up convention is here. As he mentioned in his interview, “before The Game, it was about improving yourself and getting better and better. Now it is all about the marketing and money.”

Without Hypnotica, we wouldn’t have had Style, and we definitely wouldn’t have had a period of time where guys were purely in this game for the art form, instead of the money.

#9. Braddock

Profile | Website: | Founded: 2007

A good-looking youngster lost after college, Nick was picked up by Love Systems founder Savoy and soon became a certified instructor himself. Featured on the Tyra Banks show, (where Tyra commented on his good looks) Braddock does a lot of work behind the scene. He is the author of Text and Phone Game and Social Mastery Game behind Love System’s product line.

Without Braddock, we probably would have been just fine. However, I and many others relate to him as a young college graduate. Tall, handsome, successful, we still found meeting women daunting and difficult. Braddock brought this out to the daylight: the white collar college grad with the good job and family can no longer get his own in the real world, and we need to rise above the haze of “this is what it is supposed to be” and do something about it.

#8. Arash Dibazar

Profile | Website:  | Founded: 2011

A good friend of mine from the Bay Area, Arash has applied martial arts-like discipline to the study of game. Still devoted to his former teachers Mystery and Matador, he’s now starting up his own company Seductive Instinct. He finally partnered up with the right folks online so his presence is now felt in SF, Vegas, and San Diego. You can catch him with a bevy of beautiful women in his hometown in San Jose and when he’s traveling, he’s often recognized for his jarring avatar. His nickname on the forums is Achilles.

Without Arash, there wouldn’t be so much controversy in the game. He’s a public figure that garners many reactions, both good and bad. We expect him to do great things in the future. You can catch a glimpse of his life on his YouTube channel, and those that have intimately met him all claim to have been changed for the better.

#7. Gambler

Profile | Website:  | Founded: 2008

I have a love-hate relationship with Gambler. He’s exceedingly smart and sneaky. Learning how to trade stocks profitably at the age of 13, he’s gone on to do the same in the community by studying and recognizing patterns that work in seduction. This same talent applies to his business skills too, and we find him outranking us often on search engines and what-not. Nonetheless, he’s one instructor to be admired and the creator of innovative techniques like Stealth Attraction and PUA University.

Without Gambler we would never have PUA Training or his lens into upper class European hotties. His recent posts on Facebook feature model-like European brunettes in their panties and sweating at the gym. Richard, we still hate you.

#6. David Wygant

Profile | Website: | Founded: Before the movie “Hitch”

David has been a coach long before the community. Rumor has it that he’s the true inspiration behind the movie with Will Smith, “Hitch”. Wygant also coaches women clients, and his techniques and methods, like Zan, extend behind the community’s mantra of “techniques and tactics” into normal, common-sense lifestyle development and realistic plans for meeting the right one.

Without Wygant, we wouldn’t have a dating coach working with both women and men. He’s also got an tremendous charisma and masculinity that makes people want to learn from him. Catch videos of you here on Youtube.

#5. ABCs of Attraction Crew

Profile | Website: | Founded: 2006

The face of ABC’s of Attraction JT Tran continues to feature his 2nd generation coaches, Gareth Jones and Sarah Ann as the company continues to grow. It is always nice to see Asian businessmen employing white people to run his pick up company. Besides my obvious racism (I’m Chinese btw), JT has been doing a great job integrating his company into the market mainstream, and to feature his lead instructors too in the process.

Without ABC’s of Attraction we wouldn’t have race-specific coaching and the attention focused on Asian men’s self development in the US.

#4. Venusian Arts Crew

Profile | Website:  | Founded: After VH1’s The Pickup Artist Season 2 (2007)

Mystery, Matador and Lovedrop I hope are still together. I can’t tell sometimes because Matador now has his own site, I hope these guys continue to innovate and bring out the best, as they have done in the past.

Obviously, we know Mystery as the founder of pick up terminology and some argue, the founder of modern day “game”. Matador made a splash onto VH1’s The Pickup Artist, while Lovedrop (Chris) works on the writing and business planning of the crew backstage. Without them, we would never have had the Venusian Arts.

#3. RSD Crew

Profile | Website: | Founded: Before The Game was published (2003)

The RSD Crew is amazing, they continue to go out night after night, train, and innovate their material. Each one of their coaches is a certified celebrity in the seduction world and if you ever meet them in person, they continue to stay humble and hungry. There’s nothing bad I can say about these guys.

I wonder when they will retire or get married, like founder Nick did.

Without RSD, we wouldn’t have: The BluePrint Decoded, The Natural Instinct. Jeffy. Tim. Nick. Alex. And world-class bootcamps and the RSD Hotseat. The world wouldn’t be the same without Real Social Dyanmics.

#2. Zan Perrion

Profile | Website:  | Founded: 2004

Zan took 1st place last year, because of his focus on “love” and venture away from the traditional pick up community. A teacher of men and women and always a self proclaimed, “student of women”, Zan’s influence continues to extend beyond the community to enrich the lives of men and women across different continents.

There’s someone deep beyond Zan’s words: “If you truly love women, and accept and understand them, they will let you walk among them.” Perhaps this applies to humanity in general?

Without Zan, we would all be sucked into the world of manipulative, technique-based pick up artistry and perhaps never learn to really love ourselves and our women.

Zan, on his philosophy of a Seducer:

#1. Simple Pickup Crew: Jesse, Jason, Kong

Profile | Website:  | Founded: 2011

Exploding onto the limelight with their innovative, funny and daring pick up videos, Jesse, Kong and Jason now head up Simple Pickup, a fast expanding pick up company. They were brave enough to go against the grain and charge $5 / month for their initial in-depth videos, and decided to quit everything in their personal lives to focus on growing Simple Pickup.

Jason has epilepsy and still continues to game and collect new footage. I met Kong once in person in San Francisco, and his group of friends, and everyone was super cool and down to earth. Jesse apparently maturates a lot and still pulls girls.

The award of first place goes to them, for without them, the world would never laugh at their videos, and many of the guys who suffer with women and have depression wouldn’t be able to see the light side of things. More importantly, they are bringing the art of pick up to a new audience that extends beyond the traditional “PUA” market. As an article written by a fellow Asian reporter explains:

“It may be that pickup 1.0, with its reliance on books, will go the way of the Post Office, the Yellow Pages and pornography: The walled gardens will crumble, armchair charlatans will be exposed, and industry stalwarts will be forced to offer more dynamic content upfront. The business model might even shift to free content online and paid coaching offline. It’s a new world, and Simple Pickup is leading the transformation. Of course, they might also just be enjoying their 15 minutes of fame.”

What did you think about this year’s top Dating Coaches? Leave us your thoughts.