• Top 7 Epically Tragic Love Stories in Video Games. For Valentine's Day 2012

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    “The happiest times of my life was when I was in love” – Hugh Hefner



    Valentines Day is upon us, and this year I wanted to compile a list of characters and stories from my favorite video games. Video games get a lot of bad wrap and the common stereotype of a gamer is this:

    south park make love not warcraft

    The truth is, I played video games growing up, and every now and then, I still play a really great game once in a while. I enjoy it. And I can say that as a kid, playing RPGs, King’s Quest, and other adventure games helped me with my learning skills and intelligence. Remember King’s Quest 4, where you had to type in commands for the princess to do in order to advance in the game? What about the organization of Materia in Final Fantasy 7? Regardless, here are my top 10 favorite tragic love stories in video games: [Spoiler Alert!!! If you haven’t played these games and want to, don’t read ahead in the story sections]

    #7. Spawn

    spawn and wanda

    Couple: Al Simmons & Wanda

    Story: Al Simmons was betrayed and appeared in Hell. In return for seeing Wanda again and avenging his death on Earth, he made a pact with the devil to become a Hell Spawn.

    Why it was tragic: Ultimately, Spawn wanted Wanda to be happy (who married his best friend after his death) in the real world, while protecting her from the underworld. In this sense, their love can never be rekindled and Wanda is put in a constant threat of danger from Hell because of Spawn’s love for her.

    #6. Final Fantasy 7

    Couple: Cloud and Aerith

    Story: Cloud, Zack’s protege, meets Aerith Gainsborough, the last Ancient. He reminds her of her old boyfriend, Zack. Along the journey, their relationship develops.

    cloud and aerith

    Why it was tragic: Before anything could be harnessed in their romantic relationship, Aerith was killed by Sephiroth. In the movie Advent Children, Cloud occasionally sees Aerith appearing to assist him in his personal battles and quests.


    Fan art of Cloud and Aerith abound online...

    From the Golden Saucer to references in other games Cloud and Aerith continues their flirting and love affair.

    The ending scene in Advent Children is enough to make any final fantasy fan cry:

    #5. Final Fantasy 6

    Couple: Cyan and his wife

    Story: Cyan is a noble knight in Final Fantasy 7. The emperor poisoned the water supply in his town, and he lost his friends, his wife and son to the battle at Doma Castle. Latter on, your allies fight Wrexel for Cyan’s soul. In Cyan’s dreams, he remembers his travels and his wife and son. He eventually gets over his devastating loss by sending love letters to a women who also lost her husband in the war. One of the greatest titles of all time, Final Fantasy 6 is supported by one of the best musical scores ever to accompany a video game.

    Why it was tragic: Cyan lost his wife and kids to the war. Yet as a noble warrior, he travels on. The chapters in “Cyan’s Dreams” continue to play out the tragic story and our hero’s perseverance.

    The music! Cyan’s Theme:

    #4. Final Fantasy 10

    Couple: Tidus and Yuna


    Story: Tidus meets Yuna as part of her journey to rid the world of “SIN”, a monster that has been killing the people of the world. As they travel their relationship grows deeper. Tidus is a care free soul, while Yuna feels responsibility towards her people.

    Over time, the two share a rare chemistry in Final Fantasy 10.

    Why it was tragic: Tidus is part of Zanarkand and must return to the spirit world. In Final Fantasy X-2, Yuna has a chance of reuniting with Tidus. In reaching Yuna’s goal, Tidus must die.

    #3. Saints Row

    Couple: Johnny Gat and Shaundi

    Story: Johnny and Shaundi both have their roots in previous Saints Row games. Gat was a trigger happy gangster who lost his long love, Aisha, while Shaundi was a girl who made it big from the hood. In Saints Row 3, Shaundi develops feelings for Gat as Johnny defends the boss aboard the Syndicate plane:

    Gameplay of Shaundi reacting to Johnny’s “death”:


    Why it was tragic: Johnny Gat dies, defending the boss. I guess even gangsters cry.

    #2. Dante’s Inferno

    Story: Beatrice is killed due to Dante’s sins on Earth. He spends the rest of the game hacking through hell to save Beatrice from the devil.

    Why it was tragic: It just seems like Dante can’t get a break! And Beatrice was really hot.

    Beatrice getting killed (this whole game is pretty gory and sinful)

    #1. The Darkness (I) and The Darkness II

    Couple: Jackie Estacado and Jenny Romano

    Story: Jackie Estacado turned 21, and all hell broke loose. The Darkness has him. One of the most interesting moments in The Darkness is that everyday, comfortable feeling you get with a girlfriend that you really love. Beautiful, down to earth, and yet vulnerable all at the same time. Add to that they were in the same orphanage growing up. Jackie has a very soft and vulnerable way about her.

    The setting of the game and the comics add the the intensity of the “vulnerable” feeling, making time you spend with Jenny precious despite the brutal killings of your enemies as you try to protect the one you love.

    A scene with Jackie and Jenny in The Darkness. Talk about GFE! (Girl Friend Experience):

    Why it was tragic: Jenny died, and Jackie, despite his powers, couldn’t save her. Perhaps the most emotional scene, Jackie had to watch Jenny die, as the Darkness controlled him. “The Darkness wanted me to taste joy, just so it could rip it away from me”.

    The story continues in The Darkness 2.






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