Top 5 Pick Up Artist Forums

Top Five Pickup Artist Forums

Looking for a place to hang out and get the goods on being a pick up artist but don’t know where to start? Check out our detailed and comprehensive list of the top five pickup artist forums that will give you a good place to start.  Here they are, in no specific order.

1. Real Social Dynamics (RSD) Nation Forums

Total members: Unpublished

7 day active members: Unpublished

Pros: This is the official forum of the Real Social Dynamics (RSD) Nation.  It comes with a very high membership and involvement, and heavy involvement from RSD instructors who many consider to be among the best in the world. The forum has threads for all pertinent areas for today’s pickup artist, including workshops, reviews, field reports, long term girlfriend threads, and general threads for tips and advice on general pick up artist questions.  Reputed to be one of the most active forums available, despite not publishing membership statistics and data.

As of 2012, the RSD blog has been updated with free talk videos and some minor in field footage. The RSD instructors also participate heavily on the forums, giving this forum one of the best instructor to student post ratios in the world. You will almost always get a reply back within 12-24 hours on any questions on this forum.

Cons:  The forum a good rep, however its credibility and reputation rests on the RSD Nation instructors themselves, and some of them are loved and hated much like most instructors, with their eccentricities and quirks. For example, Jeffy likes the beat on nerds on the forum with “you suck! Go out and learn” while others like Tyler simply post puzzling replies that helps students figure out something phrased in a question form. For example one time I posted a rant about something about my friends, and he replied, “right on!”

2. The Attraction Forums

Total members: 145, 029

7 day active members: 2,690 users online within last 24 hours at time of print.

Pros:  This forum was the original home of the infamous Mystery Method and has since been taken over by Love Systems, one of the most successful PUA companies today.  It offers a large membership, heavy instructor involvement in the forum, and a wide membership posting regularly that newbies will appreciate when in need of help.  The forum allows members access to interview series with some of the top coaches and PUA’s, field reports, guides for newbies, culture and lifestyle discussions, even birthday shout outs to members who are having a birthday.  Information on meet ups, group challenges, and a detailed global map for the Love Systems training schedule is also included, making for a content rich, very active PUA community.

Cons:  Very few, this information is coming from some of the best of the best in the field, however it is definitely strong promotional material for Love Systems, their products, the products of their coaches, and the like. As well rounded as the information is, it comes with the Love Systems perspective which some new members may find biased. Those that are loyal to the original “Mystery’s Lounge” may dislike this forum out of loyalty to Mystery.

3. Venusian Arts Forum

Venusian Arts Forum

Total members: 34, 003

7 day active members:1,168

Pros: The man known as Mystery is one in the industry with one of the most well known reputations, and he is the man who founded this forum.  This forum is also home to other renowned PUA instructors such as Lovedrop and Matador.  In addition to that credibility, this forum and the Venusian Arts business has been featured or seen on many major media outlets such as VH1’s “The Pick Up Artist”, CNN, ABC, NBC, Yale University, MIT, People Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Star Magazine, Conan O’Brian, and so many more.  Beyond a heavy involvement by master trainers in the field, this forum is also available in 11 languages, lifestyles coaching beyond seduction, weekly pick up challenges, situation specific threads, and many other categories making for a well reputed content rich community.

Cons:  This is another forum with very few drawbacks, if any.  Despite the large membership, only a small percentage is active regularly and some newbies may not find that personal touch immediately, but will after investing the time here.

4. MPUA Forum

MPUA Forum

Total members: 133, 245

7 day active members: 1,427

Pros: This forum has a significant membership and relatively good reputation. It was originally launched by aspiring PUAs and eventually purchased by Gambler (PUA Training). It claims that it has regular posts from instructors Sinn, Adam Lyons, Carlos Xuma, and the Gambler, making it a content rich forum.  Newbies can find everything here from latest live pick up videos, to natural game tips, general questions and information, and deep level discussion on higher levels of PUA.

Cons:  Since its acquisition, the focus has shifted to the marketing side of things. It is heavily searched for and ranks well on search engines, and is considered a more “public PUA information” forum as opposed to the more reclusive and culturally tight-knit RSD Forums.

5. ABC’s of Attraction Forums

For the 5th Forum, I am going to give a shout out to my Asian brother JT Tran.

Total members: 2,795

7 day active members: 14 users active over last 24 hours at time of print.

Pros:  This is the forum founded in 2007 by The Asian Playboy (Jerry Tran) so it comes with a nice platform as far as reputation is concerned. It is easy to use, can use minimally as a guest before you register, and is used explicitly for the discussion of the pick up artist industry.  It was initially founded to address the needs of PUA in the Asian community, but has a wide demographic in its membership.  Self described as the “brotherhood of self-improvement”, this community discusses game, testimonials, workshop information and reviews, and even 30 day challenges for newbies and active members.

Cons:  It is relatively small, and although it contains a wealth of information from posts gone by, newbies needing quick answers to their questions may be disappointed by the slowness of new posts that comes from a small membership.

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