Top 5 Mens' Style Forums & Blogs

Obviously, I respect forums and blogs so much that I’ve put my own together. Forums are a great place to swap ideas or ask questions. Street style blogs are a great gauge of what real men, with real style are wearing and they can teach you a lot of tricks from guys who turn heads in the street.

Here’s a list of my top 5 go to mens style forums and blogs.

The Satorialist

Type: Blog, e-magazine

Pros: Visual, photos from around the world jammed with style and ideas from real people, updated daily

Cons: Mostly photos and no forum attached

Top 5 mens style forum the Satioralist
the Satioralist

Hands down the classiest and quirkiest international fashion blog on the Net, based around inspirational photographs of well dressed men and women on the streets of cities around the world. The blog shows the taste and bent of blogger- that beauty and style defy age and economics. It’s how it is all put together that matters


Type: Forum, blog

Pros: Active forum, you’ll chat and get your questions answered  as soon as you log on

Cons: Being very reader orientated, there isn’t a lot of quality control of photos and topics.

Sophisticated and easy to read, Styleforum is not just full of ideas but has a lot of active communication between guys asking and giving tips. It also includes product reviews, a gallery of photos of favorite pieces submitted by readers, tips for dress for different occasions etc….

Top 5 Mens Style Styleforum
Style Forum

Seven Deadly Sins by CC

Type: Forum, blog

Pros: Extremely active forum, constant discussions and questions answered

Cons:  Photos are smaller , sometimes lacks of quality as anyone can submit

This is a blog and forum by two extremely hot Italian women (Carola and Chiara) who go out on the street and basically take shots of men they fancy- need I say more.

Top 5 Mens' Style Forums & Blogs 7 deadly sins
Seven Deadly Sins by CC


Type: Blog

Pros: Detailed photos of accessories, readers are encouraged to submit there own photos, often product details include price guides.

Cons: Although readers are encouraged to submit there is no forum or discussion.

Trashness is exactly the opposite of what it name infers, showcasing power-dressing and grooming. This blog will keep you up to date with brands, and give some grooming and accessorizing tips.

top 5 mens forums and  blogs Hublot-King-Power
Trashness- Power dressing and grooming ideas

Mens Health

Type: Blog and forum attached to monthly magazine website.

Pros: Quality editorial and pictures, an active forum

Cons: The editorial is not frequently updated.

Generally speaking, magazines are months behind the Internet because of the lead time it takes to go to print, but smart mags are now focusing on their websites and forums, and getting the reader involved. Mens Health has a great range of fashion, health and grooming tips, and the forum is really active too. I like it when they get the women’s point of view of topics.

Top 5 Mens Style forums Mens Health
Mens Health

Although there’s a lot of less relevant stuff to sift through, you’ll find the occasional gem like this article “If She Could Dress You..” to find out what women want to and don’t want to see you in.

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