Top 12 Anime Characters That Embody Positive PUA / Gentleman Qualities

Animes have always been a source of deep, complex characters and and fantastic story lines. Animation has no limitations like real sets in movies, and various magic powers, secret identities and wonderful special effects can be displayed in a series. Of the various heroes, villains and characters in between, here are the few anime characters that I remember the most from my college days. Their behavior patterns, virtues and character flaws serve as a template for how to view the world, and how to bring the best out of yourself.

People often associate “PUA” with magic, trickery, and manipulation. We here at PUA Lingo think that a “PUA” should be a man who strives for greatness and options with women, and is a man of integrity. It will be up to you in the future to make that change. Without further ado, here are my top anime characters that embody strong male qualities:

#12. Edward Elric

Series: Full Metal Alchemist (Brotherhood)

PUA Quality: Mastery of a skill (Alchemy), Brotherly Love



Edward may be too young to get a girlfriend as his first introduction in Full Metal Alchemist was when he was 13. Nonetheless, he maintains a close bond with his childhood sweetheart, Winry. What’s interesting about Edward is that he’s hot-headed, impatient, prone to small man’s syndrome, and yet seriously dedicated to getting his brother’s body back and learning all he can about alchemy. Edward is also not afraid to be funny at times. His determination to master alchemy and help his brother is the underlying theme of the series. A lot can be learned about his journey to learn alchemy and our journey to learn game.

Edward and Winry:

# 11. Roy Mustang

Series: Full Metal Alchemist (Brotherhood)

PUA Quality: Leader of Men, Ambition

Roy Mustang is one of my favorite characters from FMA:(B). Unlike the straightforward and sometimes crass Edward, Roy is cunning, political, and ambitious. Most importantly he understand what it takes to be a tribe leader. His followers are chosen carefully, and remain loyal. Throughout the series, Roy actually sacrifices a lot to help his followers. He understands that true loyalty goes both ways, and even offers to heal one of his officers before he uses the Philosopher’s stone to heal his own eyes.

roy mustang hawkeye


His friendships throughout the series illustrate a man who will do anything to get ahead, and yet does so with the help and loyalty of his closest friends and followers.

Mustang on his new rules for female officers (involves Mini skirts):

#10. Shishio Makoto

Series: Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin)

PUA Quality: Ruthless Ambition, still values Love and Principles despite being cold-blooded

shishio and yumi
Shishio and Yumi

How Shishio got Yumi, a high class escort is a mystery at the beginning of the Kyoto arc. However, as the story goes on, one cannot help but admire the man’s determination. She loves him for his mind, not his physical image, of which he is burned and scarred for life. Shishio ranks as one of the greatest villains in anime, and you can’t help but admire and be fascinated by him, despite his ruthlessness.

#9. Son Goku

Series: Dragon Ball, Z, GT

PUA Quality: Selflessness, Love for Friends and Others In Need, Ascension and Constant Learning


Goku married his childhood sweetheart Chi Chi, and together had a huge family. Always one to uphold his own values and defender of his friends, he even turns his enemies against themselves with his sense of justice and charm. He is the inspiration of many animes today and his spirit of being present is amazing. Another Goku-quality is his constant desire to improve and ascend. He ascends a couple of times throughout the manga and anime, always getting joy from fighting and the process itself. It is truly process over outcome. He enjoys the fight, even if he is losing, or if the whole universe is about to be destroyed. That’s what makes Goku a great hero an inspirational man/Saiyan.

Goku demonstrates his progression over the Z series:

#8. Vegeta

Series: Dragon Ball Z, GT

PUA Quality: Ruthless Pride, Acceptance, Never Giving Up

Vegeta may seem like a bit of a dick in the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, however he grows on you as the series continues. Seeking redemption only through being better than Goku, his own sense of the “Saiyan Prince” is both his motivator and the thing that keeps him from true peace and happiness. Vegeta is able to, through many occasions, get over himself and do what is necessary. Towards the end of Dragon Ball GT, he even admits that “Kakarot” is the true warrior that he aspires to be. Vegeta also ends up marrying arguably one of the hotter girls in the series, Bulma.

vegeta and bulma
Vegeta and Bulma

#7. Vash (Ericks) The Stampede

Series: Trigun

PUA Quality: Playful Quality, Adventurer, Helping Others

Vash is a complicated character. At first glance, he’s just a wimpy, funny, corny guy around women. On deeper inspection, he is a 100+ year old living organism that powers huge batteries to sustain human life on a foreign planet. Vash is deep. His corny side is simply a shield he uses to see how people react. Much like Sasha Baren Cohen in Borat and Bruno, how people respond to his corny and boy-like image reveals a lot about who they really are.

vash the stampede
Vash the stampede

At the end of the day, Vash is a killing machine that chooses not to kill, and instead changes fate by altering events in favor of the person making the decisions. He’s a man who inspires others and lives by his own code of ethics.

Vash Funny Moments:

 #6. Master Roshi

Series: Dragon Ball Z

PUA Quality: Wise Pervert, Always After Young Girls

Master Roshi was Goku’s and Krillin’s first teacher. He’s a major contributor to comic relief in the DBZ series and is actually quite wise, despite his perverted character.


Roshi is a very lecherous pervert, and is constantly reading dirty magazines or women’s racing on TV. Roshi firmly believes that he is the ultimate stud, even though he’s over 1000 years old and his fashion sense is clearly out of style. At the core, Roshi is very wise and kind-hearted most of the time. A man who never forgets the joys of the female is a man who lives a long time.

Master Roshi’s perverted moments:

#5. Spike Speigel

Series: Cowboy Bebop

PUA Quality: Strong Attitude and Body Language, Womanizer but In Truth Looking For Love

A more mature series, Spike is the protagonist who lost true love, and goes on a journey to first forget about it, but secretly finds it again. Spike is carefree, crass, and likes to take risks. “Life is a dream”, is his motto. He has an ongoing attraction with his partner Faye, and his archetype draws common fanfare from anime girls. Spike is also aggressive when he wants something, while taking serious situations with light comedy.



#4. Mido Ban

Series: Getbackers

PUA Quality: Extremely Talented, Ability To Read People

Ban is a strange character. Unruly and often seemingly rude, he actually cares a lot about his friends and companion, particularly Ginji the lightning emperor. Ban is also extremely talented and can read people by their appearance and body language. According to the Getbackers Wiki:

Ban learned how to fight as a child, and he is a genius. Before he was eight he was learning about magic, chemistry, history, and physics; he was self-taught and learnt most of it from books. The Witch Queen told him that, in order to escape his sad destiny, he would have to be smarter and stronger than anyone else. The Witch Queen has also helped Ban realize the truth about the world he lives in, his enemies, and his destiny. Because of this, Ban Midou is very knowledgeable in basically all forms of knowledge as it is hinted within the manga. Ban’s instincts as well as his reasoning ability are that of a Detective & a Battle Strategist. Ban always watches the people around him and can accurately deduce what they are thinking most of the time. As a result he knows what is about to happen and plans accordingly.

getbackers_mido ban


#3. Hiko Seijuro

Series: Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin)

PUA Quality: Physical Looks, Mastery of the Hiten Mitsurugi style

hiko and kenshin
Note the difference between Kenshin’s more feminine look versus Hiko’s more masculine drawing

A manly representation of the ultimate samurai, his own artist/creator explains that while Kenshin is a more feminine, complex character, Hiro was his version of the masculine archetype. As such, his chiseled jawline and and muscles were exaggerated in the anime. Hiro, despite his skills, has a bit of a stubborn personality and unlike Kenshin, wishes to stay away from the world instead of sacrificing himself to change it. Nonetheless, where he does make appearances in the anime, girls get starry eyes and guys admire his innate swordsmanship and ability to read his opponents.

Funny scene with the different kinds of love in Samurai X

#2. Gene Starwind

Series: Outlaw Star

PUA Quality: Leader of 3 Hot Women

Gene Starwind was one of the first space pilot leaders in 90s anime. He is an adventurer and he is openly a reckless ladies’ man and a bit of a pervert who shamelessly flirts with almost every woman he meets. On the outside he would rather try to achieve his goals with a minimum of effort, and his reckless behavior often conflicts with his ship’s partner Jim.

The girls of Outlaw Star

Gene’s funny moments:

Gene eventually leads 3 really hot women along his quest and they often flirt with him throughout the series. How he handles these women is also interesting learning for PUAs. Eventually he does find love towards the end of the series. Each girl represents a different archetype, from calm and ruthless, to soft and deep (Melfina), to the fiesty Aisha, the sexy kitten archetype. The series continues explores the relationships between Gene and his whole crew.

A cool episode at the hot springs with the girls:

#1. Keitaro Urashim

Series: Love Hina

PUA Quality: A Dork Looking For Love, Grows To Become The Man Every Girl Wants

Keitarō Urashima fits the ideal PUA to Man story. At 19, he is a loner student trying to get into the University of Tokyo  because of a promise he made 15 years ago to his first love.  This promise, that if two people who love each other and go to Tokyo University together they will live happily ever after, is what keeps Keitarō focused and determined, even though he can not remember the name or face of the girl with whom he made the promise to. Luckily for him, after failing the entrance exams, his relatives who own Hinata inn make him the manager in charge of all the girls there (lucky bastard).

Over the course of the series, he goes from a complete lovable loser, to a guy who actually learns martial arts and archaeology skills under the wing of Seta, a mentor he admires. As the seasons continue, other girls develop crushes on him. He eventually chooses the love of the girl who he made the promise to, having flirted with and intimately known all the girls at the inn.

keitaro love hina

love hina girls