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  • Top 10 PUAs of 2011

    By on December 30, 2011

    It’s that time of year again!

    Every year at PUA Lingo we like to reflect back and see who the top Pick Up Artists of the year were (see our list of Top 10 PUAs for 2010).

    However, we’ve noticed that the same guys end up on these lists every year, guys like Style, Mystery, Sinn, and AFC Adam. A lot of these guys deserve it, to be sure, but a lot of them also end up getting voted for because they’re big names, even if they haven’t done much in the past year.

    This year we wanted to do something different. This year we want to highlight the Rising Stars of pickup, guys who are just starting to build up their reputations, guys you may not have heard of before. These are the guys you didn’t read about in The Game, these are the next generation of Pick Up Artists.

    So without further ado, here are the Top 10 PUAs of 2011 (organized alphabetically). Click on the images below to see a larger version:

    1) Alex Weber

    Alex Weber PUA

    Alex Weber is one of the head coaches at The Art of Charm, one company that’s really been growing this year, with their multiple podcasts and online & offline coaching programs. Alex originally started out as a student at the AoC, but has graduated to coaching guys fulltime, training hundreds of guys in the US and abroad.

    2) Arash Dibazar

    Arash Dibazar PUA

    Arash Dibazar is one PUA you want to keep your eyes on. A former student of Mystery & Matador (of VH1’s The Pickup Artist fame), Arash has branched off and started his own school in San Jose, California dubbed the “Celcius Lounge” and has also started his own podcast and blog called Seductive Instinct, providing guys with tons of free, killer advice every week.

    3) Bravo

    Bravo PUA

    Bravo is a master pick up artist and the former Executive Instructor for the Stylelife Academy founded by Neil Strauss (who needs no introduction). After his divorce, he was inspired to be a pick up artist by The Game, and he went from reading the book to being one of top instructors in less than a year. You can read more about Bravo on his website where he shares his latest adventures.

    4) Joshua Pellicer

    Joshua Pellicer PUA

    Joshua is one of the top pickup and dating coaches out there, who coached for a number of years at other pickup companies before starting his own company. This year, Joshua released The Tao of Badass (affiliate link), one of the best-selling pickup products of the year. Joshua has helped thousands of guys around the world with his innovative products and down-to-earth coaching style.

    5) Keychain

    Keychain PUA

    Keychain is one of the top instructors for Love Systems, and was one of the original members of Project Rockstar. Keychain continues to help hundreds of guys with his coaching, as well as speaking at conferences such as The 21 Convention.

    6) Matthew Hussey

    Matthew Hussey PUA

    One of the trends we’re starting to see in the pickup world is companies moving away from just teaching routines and openers, to teaching more holistic lifestyle development. Matthew Hussey is one of the coaches who is at the forefront of that movement, having started as one of the coaches for PUA Training and since moving on to start his own company offering life coaching and motivation.

    7) Rob Judge

    Rob Judge PUA

    Rob Judge (along with his partner-in-crime Zack Bauer, who also made this year’s list) is one of the rising stars of the pickup world. Rob has only been involved in the pickup scene for a few years, but has made a name for himself in New York and around the world with his coaching & products.

    8) Sasha

    Sasha PUA

    Sasha Daygame is a PUA who has been around for a long time, but has just recently began to make a name for himself. Mystery’s first wingman, Sasha now runs his own company where he teaches intimate programs focusing on the removal of social anxiety and direct game. Sasha has a reputation for achieving amazing results for his clients and is currently on a world tour promoting his event the Direct Dating Summit, as well as his unique daygame system.

    9) Shamwow

    Shamwow PUA

    Pickup can seem like a young man’s game sometimes, but that’s not true. Shamwow is one of the oldest guys on our list, but he still regularly gets girls who are half his age, and as instructor for PUA Training he teaches other guys how to do the same.

    10) Yad

    Yad PUA

    Yad is one of the Executive Instructors over at DayGame.com, and one of the best known for his free, in-field videos of him demonstrating how to pickup girls during the day. You can find some of his videos and information about his coaching on his blog.

    11) Zack Bauer

    Zack Bauer PUA

    Zack is another young gun in the pickup world, who works with Rob Judge on Date Hotter Girls, a system that he and Rob helped develop that helps guys get results fast. Zack has coached guys all over the world and spoken at several top conferences, and is a frequent guest blogger for our blog.

    Honorable Mention: The Naturals

    Keys to the VIP

    Chris, Peaches, Allen and Sheldon from Keys to The VIP

    This year we want to give thanks to the naturals of the world.

    That buddy from college who knew the moves to reach a woman’s heart and let you jump along for the ride. The “Marcos” from The Game. Naturals may not have the training that a lot of the other PUAs on this list have, but they have a natural affinity for women that they developed through their own experiences. Though they may not always be able to explain how they do it, you can learn a lot from watching them at work.

    One way or another, we all become naturals at some point in evolving our game.

    And that wraps up our list for this year. Let us know in the comments if we missed any notable PUAs, and have a safe and happy New Year!

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    • Aaron

      Great list!

    • Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

    • Duncan

      Cool list… lots of people I don’t recognize here.

    • PuaHate

      The latest generation of pickup scam artists…

    • FastPUA

      Can’t believe you guys didn’t mention Bobby Rio

      • AfricanPUA

        YeAaA! bOBBY RIO GUYS.
        small talk tactics baba

    • lol PUA Hate (such a hater)

    • richard

      Awesome list! Really glad to see Rob and Zack as well as Josh Pellicer on this list!

    • anon

      Great caricatures, some of these are spot on!

    • hets

      haha damn I love PUA hate!!

    • G-man

      Yad is definitely legit… love watching his videos

    • joseph

      didn’t realize jesus was a pua…

    • JT

      DHG takeover, nice!

    • Thanks for the link guys! Will return the favor.

    • lolol

      what a bunch of fucking dorks

    • I think this list is focussing too much on companies and not on PUA’s themselves. I think of a guy like Roosh who did a lot for the seduction industry or even myself ( a guy traveling around the world and banging lots of girls and blogging about it)

      greetz Neil Skywalker

    • I agree with PUA hate!

    • Ryan

      Cool list, a bit biased in the US direction but good to see Yad and Sasha up there. Beckster and Tom Torero are other big London names I’ve witnessed do kick ass stuff. Peace and love for 2012.

    • @Neil, true, it’s hard to measure who the best PUAs are, or even who are most popular. Maybe there should be an annual competition where PUAs compete, the World Championships of Pickup!

      @Ryan, the list is partially based on user votes, and many of our readers are here in the US, so there is some bias. We’ll try to make sure all the international PUAs get consideration next year.

    • Cam

      Nice list!

    • Beckstar is awesome. We should have a European / International version!

    • Inspirepickup

      Very nice cartoons!

    • Lux Lisbon

      No Tyler Durden – have you guys completely lost your minds??? In 50 years time, they will be teaching his stuff and showing his Youtube videos long after all these guys are long gone. Seriously.

      This guy is a 24-carat- A-grade, copper-bottomed, genius. This list is like having a list of the 12 Greatest Footballers In The World, and not including Leo Messi.

    • Tyler’s great. We had him on last year’s list. He’s hardly a newcomer though…

    • Lux Lisbon

      Oh, sorry, my friend – my mistake. Should have read more closely that this was for rising stars.

      Will look into what the guys on this list have to offer.

      Keep up the good work & have a Happy New Year.

    • @ Lux thanks man. Keep the comments coming and I’ll keep my eyes peeled always for new talent

    • Roosh is awesome. Haven’t really heard from him this year though…

      • Roosh has written a few new books last year. Great stuff.

    • Thor

      This list should be called “The top 2011 top ten PUA internet marketers” list….that is pretty much all it is I am afraid to say….

    • david

      Matthew Hussey is a great guy, like the Tony Robbins of pickup

    • @Thor … What!? This is the first list that’s not a joke.

      Every year it’s the same old bullshit.

      I think the fact that some of the guys on this list have been awesome for years yet haven’t yet been recognised on any “lists” shows you just how the marketers really do control everything. This is a welcome change for once. Isn’t everyone tired of seem the same old faces on the lists? Especially when many really are nothing but internet marketers and in some cases have spend little or no time in field at ALL.

      This list actually has some real PUA gangsters. Yad’s a gangster, Keychain’s a gangster and Tyler’s deffo and old school gangster! (Well, more like a pimp as he’s say….)

      ….. but I know even more guys that should be on it…. James Marshall for one, who’s a BOSS !

      Anyways good shit. (I’m not just saying that because I’m on this list. Honest. That’s only 50% of the reason. I swear) :P


      • Chachaji84


        The fact that Sahsa and Yad are on the list is brilliant. Especially since they have a shit load of infield footage. You can not deny their work.

        Also glad to see Matthew Hussey on the list, may not have the most pua vids out their but as it says he’s “teaching more holistic lifestyle development”, pua should not just be about the ‘pussy’.

        On a side note…there’s nothing wrong with good marketing, it shows you’re not just a one trick pony, but you’ve also got business sense. Much better to learn from someone like that then someone who stands out side McDonalds handing out leaflets.

    • Jager

      Just so you guys know, the title says “Top 10 Pick-up Artists of 2011” and there are 11 people on your list.

      Just fyi….

      And interesting list, haven’t heard of most of these guys.

      • Yes, it’s become a tradition to throw in one extra as a bonus

    • Mike

      Nice. I love this. I’ve seen some of these dudes in field and they were awesome. Namely, Alex Weber. He’s the best I’ve seen and I’ve taken 4 bootcamps with companies in New York (I know, I’m a sucker but it took me a while to find the best one for me which is where Alex is working as an instructor).

    • Bruno

      Mystery rules!

    • Jax

      Rob and Zack are good but they don’t come to west coast.It seems like now East coast produce New name.John Keegan also from NY is great.I hope those guys will have work shops in west coast too.

      The guys who only offer products not BC are internet marketers.They might be one time really good PUA but retired as an internet marketers.

      Check their website No Boot camp means he is retired PUG.


    • Gigantor

      I agree with Bravo though the cartoon woulda been more realistic with him riding a Harley and waving a pistol in the air.

    • Marcel

      I cannot believe Gambler ain’t here. That guy is a legend. He should change his name to the prophet!

    • chateaureader

      Roosh V and Krauser are the best right now Duh.

    • What happened to the classic PUA’s like Mystery?

      • We wanted to highlight some of the newer, up-and-coming guys this year.

    • Burt

      Ebooks aside, where is roosh’s infield footage? just curious.

    • *Jugul@tor1979*

      Esta na Hora de abrir os Olhos para os Mestres da Sedução Brasileiros….

      Zera,Don Cornejo & Bruno Tassitani

      It’s time to wake up to the Masters of Seduction Brazilian ….

      Zera, Don Cornejo & Brunno Tassitani

    • Sorry, but I can’t help but think that the show’s over. There is more and more “gurus” competing for a crowd who is becoming increasingly suspicious of this scene.

    • Moran

      Krauser should be on this list..

    • Hey where am I? I touched a boobie yesterday.

    • Just came out with my diverse list of top PUA instructors of 2012(first half of the year).


    • Mr. Brooks

      Dont forget about Derail. He is on the rise and based out of Toronto, he runs the toronto Pickup Lair. And also runs a Derail Lair facebook page, Seen this guy in action. He is the real deal

    • Wait till you get a load of me…

    • Socialkenny

      @Steve- Lol what an egotistical thing to say. Just kidding.

      With your k-close prowess, I know you’ll be on a near-future list. You were just a tad bit late for this one I guess.

    • fitz

      james marshall for ->2012

    • Hey guys …I’m coming up in the game!

    • Melissa Hansen

      Yep, top 11 geeks that spent their whole life trying to sleep with women and got a bunch of STDs!

    • I am of the opinion, adapted from an observation by Keith Richards about rock and roll bands: that there is no ‘one’ King Hell ‘BEST’ PUA (or rock & roll band).

      On any given night, anywhere in the world there could be a ‘Best’ PUA or rock & roll band that no one ever heard of but deserves the moniker nonetheless.

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