Top 10 PUA Blogs

You will never be short of resources when you are looking for information on being a successful PUA. One of the best sources of info though is from the blogs of the best. Here you get an inside look at their life as a PUA. So what blogs should you start with? The best of the best are all compiled for you in this handy top 10 list. Here are the top 10 PUA blogs in no specific order:

1. David Black

PUA Blog name: David Black Social Masters
Author(s): David Black
Pros: A well written blog with outside the box headlines that make for well read articles and practical easy to use tips and advice.
Cons: Posts do not have time or date stamps, so difficult to determine how frequent this blog is updated. Not necessarily the most content rich site, however what is here, is extremely useful.
Blog highlights: Blog highlights include creative articles such as “How NOT Dating Can Actually Get You a Long Term Girlfriend” that are not only well written, but interesting as well. Included in this blog are additional features such as the feature links “What is The Death of Game?”, sections for Guest Posting, and a PUA glossary. Blog categories include “How to Get a Girl”, “How to Get a Girlfriend”, and other topics such as “Confidence”.

2. Ten Magnet

PUA Blog name: Chris Shepherd’s Dating Blog
Author(s): Chris Shepherd
Pros: The first post you read debunks any notion of manipulation in the PUA field, an important element for many PUA newbies. Canadian Author and Love Systems founder/instructor Chris Shepherd writes frankly and candidly in a way that lends credibility to the products and systems he promotes. Overall a well presented, easy to read blog with the most recent post dated within the last month at the time of print.
Cons: With just over 100 posts, the site is not content rich, however the quality of the posts is clearly engaging as evidenced by the social media statistics associated with each post. As well, the content has a strong Love Systems bias, which may impact the impression of credibility for some readers.
Blog highlights: Blog highlights include an Inner Game Mailing list, experimental videos, and MP3’s for confidence building. Additional resources in the way of books and bootcamps are suggested, as are links to other blogs from Love Systems instructors.

3. The Sinns of Attraction

PUA Blog name: The Sinns of Attraction
Author(s): Sinn
Pros: Blog is written by a PUA legend, former Love Systems instructor Sinn who has branched out to develop his own dating coaching business. He is currently a featured author and poster on the MPUA forum, and helps men all over the world in PUA field. Thus, his platform in the industry speaks for itself and lends sufficient credibility to his blog. The most recent article was posted within days of the time of print of this listing.
Cons: Because it is hosted on blogspot, the website does not offer the professional look that some of the other top PUA blogs would, but again, Sinn’s platform and reputation is the product provided through this site. White text on black background might make for a tough read for some.
Blog Highlights: The author is clearly the highlight of this blog. In addition to his thoughts he provides with an honest and frank voice, he offers access to his Facebook fan page through this site, and additional resources he has developed himself such as his Podcast, forum, The Natural Attraction DVD, his book, and his free 7 part video course.

4. Sasha PUA Blog

PUA Blog name: Sasha PUA Blog
Author(s): Sasha
Pros: This is a very professional well updated blog by a well known name in the industry. The SashaPUA blog is an extension of the business that he runs with several other instructors. Included in the website are a myriad of articles, access to social media links, podcasts, and more. The Sasha Daygame blog is updated frequently, every few days or so, and contains field reports, his own thoughts, and general advice on dating in first person voice that lends credibility to the posts.
Cons: The first person tone of the blog posts can be somewhat overshadowed by the business tone of the bootcamp section of the business, however, that information is still useful to readers. Overall, no real “cons” that would suggest this is not a valuable source of information to new PUA’s today.
Blog Highlights: This is an ideal information portal for newbies in the field. An incredible amount of information in the way of videos and articles is available, as well as links to access a more personal side to Sasha PUA through Facebook and Twitter. In addition, an extensive “Upcoming Events” list for all bootcamps from now until the end of the year is provided for anyone interested in a bootcamp through Sasha PUA.

5. The Charming Rogue

PUA Blog name: The Charming Rogue
Author(s): Adonis (AKA The Charming Rogue)
Pros: A feature rich, content rich, well laid out website that any newbie could easily spend hours on learning from and accessing a myriad of tools and resources in the field.
Cons: The most recent article was posted two years ago, thus this is not the most current or up to date blog, however the amount of information and features found here could keep any newbie happy. A very professional website with a strong business focus, thus readers looking for an intimate and personal voice may be disappointed.
Blog Highlights: From interviews with Sinn, to featured videos, Facebook access, and a long list of additional resources, this site offers an abundance of highlights to those just getting their feet wet in the field. Product reviews are available, news and reviews, and access to the SNL (Same Night Lay) interview series is all available here. Where this site lacks in current and up to date information, it makes up for in the breadth and depth of quality information provided.

6. Braddock’s Blog

PUA Blog name: Braddock’s Blog
Author(s): Braddock
Pros: The first thing visitors will see when visiting this blog is the video where Love Systems was featured on the Tyra Banks show thus lending instant credibility to this blog. A professional and visually appealing site this blog offers an abundance of features and information. The blog has been active since 2008 and has updates as recent as the same week as the time of print of this article.
Cons: The blog is written by a Love Systems instructor, thus there is a strong Love Systems bias in products and features included in the website.
Blog Highlights: Bootcamp reviews, media coverage, featured products, and easy access to social media make this a very credible and professional blog for newbies in the field. In addition to featured products, the blog updates and posts offer real tips in a candid voice that new PUA’s will find very relatable and easy to follow.

7. Ross Jeffries Uncensored

PUA Blog name: Ross Jeffries Uncensored
Author(s): Ross Jeffries
Pros: The biggest pro of this website is how accessible author Ross Jeffries makes himself to his readers. A variety of social media links to access are available, as well he answers readers questions and gives one on one time at almost no cost through his Speed Seduction program.
Cons: There is no archive section on this blog, so it is difficult to tell how long the blog has been active. For some readers this makes a difference, for others it might not.
Blog Highlights: Ross offers opportunities to talk to him three times a month and access exclusive members only areas of his program for very low costs for any newbies looking for direct coaching. In addition to this feature he offers a “Girl Getting” products portal for all of the works he has authored or developed.

8. Life With Soul

PUA Blog name: Life With Soul
Author(s): Jeremy Soul
Pros: This is a content rich website that offers a myriad of opportunities for seekers of information in the PUA field. Jeremy Soul is a well respected instructor for Love Systems and this platform enables him to provide dating tips, lifestyle tips, field reports, and updated news from Love Systems. He is a known expert on the Day Game, and much of the material found here focuses on such. As well, he offers articles slanted to specific demographics such as a featured series for the college demographic and fraternity life.
Cons: The blog itself is only updated once monthly, and any personal contact must go through Jeremy’s manager, so newbies seeking an intimate or more personal voice will not find that here. As well, being a Love Systems instructor, the products and reviews found here have a strong Love Systems bias.
Blog Highlights: The blog does not simply focus on PUA, it also offers lifestyle and relationship tips and is well backed by media coverage and professional products that will assist any PUA newbie.

9. Roosh V’s Blog

PUA Blog name: Roosh V
Author(s): Roosh V
Pros: The site is content rich, and if there is a chance that you don’t find what you are looking for in the content that is available, Roosh has a product for that. His blog reads differently than many of the other big ones, because it also serves as a travel chronicle of sorts as well. Here is another PUA who wants to maintain as personal as possible a connection with his readers, and you will see him active in the comments and providing a number of social media links. He also provides his own forum through the blog, so if you don’t have your question answered through any of the other methods he provides, the forum will serve as a valuable tool.
Cons: None to speak of if you are looking for a content rich blog that is regularly updated and holds content dating as far back as 2007. Even so, the blog might have a product heavy feel to some readers, as he endorses his own products almost whenever he can.
Blog Highlights: The blog updates provide field experience and reports in a first person voice that newbies will find very helpful and personal. When new PUA’s can’t find information in the articles presented, Roosh provides his own forum which is a feature unmatched on most other top PUA blogs.

10. Carlos Xuma’s Dating Tips for Guys

PUA Blog name: Carlos Xuma’s Dating Tips for Guys
Author(s): Carlos Xuma

Pros: Carlos discusses real world situations and scenarios, in a way that makes you feel like you are sitting across the table at the coffee shop talking about it. In some cases he balances his voice with scientific research that helps him get the point across, lending credibility to his dating advice that would otherwise seem run of the mill. His writing is intelligent and useful, and it is very easy to see why he is so successful in the field. Newbies looking for easy to use information in a personal voice will learn a lot from this blog.
Cons: There is no clear cut archive section, so if you are looking for something from a specific date, you will spend a lot of time weeding through the categories.

Blog Highlights: Carlos makes an effort to not appear as one of those famous instructors that isn’t in tune with his students and readers. Readers can ask questions, which he will actually answer, and fill out surveys to access additional free resources.

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