Quick Definition: Someone who is being used or otherwise taken advantage of. Tooling someone is the act of taking advantage of someone else and making him look like a fool in the process.

Full Definition:

A tool is simply another word for an AFC who is being used. Orbiters are generally tools. The word “tool” has a derogatory connotation. The reason for the condescending meaning of being a “tool” is that the subject being taken advantage of sometimes isn’t even aware of it. Worse yet, an AFC may know he’s being taken advantage of, but go along with it. Many a times have we heard newbies say, “I had the biggest crush on a really hot girlfriend of mine, but she sees me as only a friend. But I’d rather have her as a friend that not have her in my life at all.”

Just because someone is a tool doesn’t always mean an artist should treat him like one. Pickup instructors (the good ones, at least) are coaches that plant a seed in a AFC’s head that, one day, he can also awake from his tool-ness and take control of his life.


HiGuy is a total tool if he’s letting his ex girlfriend dictate what he’s doing this weekend.

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