Tokyo Drift: He's Dating WHO?


It’s a really long swim from Peru to Japan. Good thing Nathalie Kelley probably took a plane. That’s the only way DK’s girlfriend could have survived the trip and made it to Tokyo in time to meet up with the hottie drift racer, setting the stage for DK to hate on Sean later for talking to his girl in Tokyo Drift.

My IQ dropped about ten points just writing all of that.

It’s really cool that the movie industry is branching out with their sexy love stories. From back in the day when you used to have to have the requisite couples pairing off, how somehow the only two Asian kids in the entire school just happened to fall in love and be dating each other–just like the only two black kids, the only two Guatemalan kids, the only two Inuit kids, etc., all happened to just be so compatible that the sparks flew–now we have different couples pairing off for better reasons. Like height or compatible hair styles or choice of sensible footwear.

Now, the problem is HOW Hollywood is making the couples pair off. Take DK and his girlfriend. It’s not odd enough, I guess, that Sean has a dad living in Tokyo and so the white kid from Alabama ends up in Japan. Totally plausible. But where did the Peruvian girl come from? Is there a really strong Peruvian population there? Or is she supposed to be something else and they just don’t bring it up? (NOTE: We won’t discuss the fact that poor Twinkie is gonna die angry and alone and the producers are apparently okay with that.)

It’s almost like movie studios are willing to write-in interracial couples, but only as long as we don’t go totally nuts with it. “Whoa, whoa, hold on a second! Japanese guy and Icelandic girl? No, no way. That’s too white! She’s practically transparent! Let’s get some girl who looks just enough like an Asian person that white audiences won’t really notice if we shoot this scene in a smoky club!”

Truthfully, I gotta give kudos to Tokyo Drift for even casting a Japanese guy and a South American girl. We’ve come a long way since the required homogenous couples. And maybe someday soon we’ll see a really genuine, normal, he’s-from-here-she’s-from-there couple. In the meantime, take your shirt off, DK. Your girlfriend and I both appreciate the view.

Here’s some interracial dating in the deleted scenes: