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    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Real Name: Steve Celeste
    Affiliation: Fast Seduction 101

    Steve Celeste, known as Toecutter hails from Australia originally and is considered one of the pioneers in the PUA industry. While not known for his public speaking skills, he is known for taking the game to an all new level by using natural methods and approaches that make the game easier in the end.

    His teaching includes watching women’s facial reactions over their verbal cues, and offers instruction on how to turn friends in your own social circle into romantic connections. His favorite approach is just being natural with women, and he suggests that the best way to do so is to not come off as one that is on the sexual hunt. He attributes his success with women by showing that if a woman you are trying to pick up thinks that you are not approaching her sexually, you will have a far better chance with her than if you go for the hard close.

    Toecutter considers flirting an art that needs to be revived, and tells his students that there is nothing wrong with acting playfully  His success is a reminder of the notion that this game is supposed to be fun, and if your anxiety takes the fun out of it, there’s no point in doing this.

    Toecutter’s rewards in this field from combining his intellect with his drive and his writings on ASF have been nothing short of inspiring for students all over the world. His signature technique of “Sarging Solo” revolves around the notion of not making it look like you are alone. He makes a habit of getting to know the staff and the regulars of the clubs that he frequents, in order to establish pseudo-wingmen on those nights he ventures out solo. As successful as this trademark technique can be, he says the true mastery of this skill is by never standing alone, and always talking to someone, even when you are “Sarging Solo”. You can get more inspiration and advanced techniques from his book What to Say After You Say Hello.

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