Online Game

Quick Definition: The practice of meeting women online, either on dating sites or general purpose social networking sites, such as Facebook or Instagram. Recently, even twitter and Snapchat.

Full Definition:

Online game leverages the power of the internet for dating. A PUA (or AFC) can carve out a niche in the online dating market and develop a system that allows for him to obtain constant dates by logging onto the computer a few times a week. Some PUAs and PUA websites have developed systems specifically for this reason. Online game is not specific to dating sites, as methods have been developed expanding beyond your social circle on social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, and Friendster and over email and IM.

Online game works because it leverages time and distance, and allows the artist to promote himself to many people at once. It also allows for practice conversations and dates that a gPUA or AFC may not otherwise get.

Some PUAs dislike the idea of online game, as it discourages what is real: face to face cold approaches in the field. Ultimately, this is how many mPUAs became masters. There has yet to be a mPUA that has become a master by practicing online game only.

This type of game works best when balanced with a healthy level of social circle building, in field practice, and experience.


Paul’s online game is tight

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