Time Distortion

Quick Definition: A distorted sense of time, where minutes can feel like hours, or hours can feel like minutes.

Full Definition:

Time distortion can occur because our perception of reality is subject to some degree of personal control. Hours can feel like minutes when one is doing something fun, while minutes can seem like hours if your hand is burning on the stove.

In MM, the concept applies to the general 7 hours required to deliver good game. Bouncing your girl to multiple targets and doing different things creates separate and powerful memories in her mind of being with you at different locations. This can create trust each time she bounces with the PUA, as well as shorten the time of the 7 hour period, as her time spent with you is so memorable that she feels like she has been with you longer than she actually has.

When on a day-2, the PUA can create a “us bubble” scenario with the girl, and hours can pass by very quickly, as time flies when one is enjoying himself. In this sense, a whole day could pass by and only feel like an instant because both the girl and the artist had such a good time.

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