• Time Constraint

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A real limitation of time on the PUA’s behalf (opposite of a FTC),

    Full Definition:

    Unless the PUA is a great actor, a genuine time constraint sounds more honest. It is also not that hard to give a time constraint. FTCs can easily be changed to a real time constraint with some creativity.

    For example, “I probably should not leave my friends alone for too long, but I will stay for a second for entertainment’s sake.” This is both a true and polite statement that shows you care about your friends.

    Real time constraints can also put a limit on the PUA’s interaction with the girl, and it is important to operate within the limit. If the PUA only has 30 minutes before the bar closes, he should definitely try to extract or get a solid n-close from the girl before time runs out.

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