• Thresholding

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The practice of inviting a woman back to one’s place in order to build familiarity and pave the way for a future seduction.

    Full Definition:

    One of the obstacles that PUAs run into when trying to close a girl is inviting taking the girl back to her place. Thresholding is one technique that PUAs use to overcome the natural resistance that women feel about going over to a man’s house (especially one that they’ve just met) by familiarizing them with their place ahead of time.

    Thresholding is usually accomplished by having the girl meet at the PUA’s house before going on a Day 2, then making some excuse to invite the girl inside: “hey I have to use the bathroom real quick, want to come in?” Another common tactic is for the PUA to “accidentally” forget something before a date, then stop by his place on the way to the Day 2 location, again inviting the girl to briefly step inside the house.

    It is important to note that no actual seduction takes place once the girl is inside the house. The point of thresholding is to get the girl comfortable and familiar with the place, rather than trying to escalate. Then, later on, when the PUA invites the girl back over for the actual seduction, he is usually met with less resistance than if he had not thresholded.

    Most people have a natural fear of the unknown and an affinity for things that they are familiar with. Thresholding takes advantage of these psychological principles and helps make the end game go smoother by making the girl more comfortable with the eventual sex location.

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