Thought Experiment

Quick Definition: A theoretical play of ideas in your head, or in conversation with another, whereby you assume certain conditions or hypothesis of pick up rules that play out and teach us of a certain result.

Full Definition:

Einstein used the concept of “thought experiments” to derive at his Theory of Relativity, which permanently changed science forever. Thought experiments can be powerful if used correctly and by people who have a basic grasp of pick up theory and concepts.

einstein thought experiment
Einstein is a big proponent of thought experiments as way to develop new scientific theories or verifying old ones

As it relates to pick up, an intermediate PUA can have theories he plays around with in his head about what may work in a cold approach situation, or a long term relationship situation (threesome).

An example may be a thought experiment about a pick up line such as, “hey, do you want to come home with me?” One might imagine what a girl could say to that and if a pull is indeed possible. Another thought experiment might involve a “accidental” three way date that ends up in a threesome for the artist. Thought experiments are necessary as essentially every new pick up technique was first derived from a thought experiment. The thought experiments also allow us to be flexible in our thinking of conventional PUA methods and techniques.

Tyler talks about Thought Experiments in the 2nd half of the video:


We can perform a thought experiment to test the theories of monogamy in LTRs.

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