This post is not about me

I look around the room and I see potential. Guys who are in the process of becoming really successful men in this world. They have choices to make, and those choices will carve out their path in life and their legacies while they are here in this world. All of us have flaws, and things that can be easily improved upon. Habit and routine has made us weak and absent minded.

In establishing the alliance 5 months ago, I would not have guessed that we would still be meeting weekly. In some ways our meetings are an escape for me. It is a way for me to see a glimpse of what I really want to do in life and how I can get there. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life sitting in front of a computer, taking orders from middle management.

Round the table we go.
Me. I am lazy. I don’t workout regularly. I have not practiced speaking clearly. (Good call on that by one of our members). I have it good compared to most people in this economy, and I am not fully taking advantage of it.

Kev. Smart kid. Very like-able. Innocent. Wants to work on his speaking and accent. Good with befriending girls. Needs to get his grades up and makes sure school is a positive influence in his life, not a nuisance.

Joe. Good writer (from his blog). Needs to develop more stable core confidence, that is not situational. Needs to have a life outside of pickup. Needs to figure out a way to balance out school work, while enjoying life’s journey.

Mik. Solid guy. Trustworthy. Wants to help people. Needs to focus on a solid plan that gives him freedom in his desire to help people, as well as financial responsibility and stability.

Casual. My partner in crime on AlphaCasual Productions. Seems to have his things together. I think he can do more gaming outside of comfort zone. Obviously very smart in his mind, not always expressed to its full extent in verbal and physical form.

TK. Very funny, alpha guy. Seems to have a plan that involves not going back to corporate America. Doesn’t seem to have self doubt, or that many problems. Only comment I have is to have a strong strategy for developing a financial foundation going forward, and goals outside of pickup.

For the guys that weren’t there this Thurs, but are regular members:

Gar: Strong voice. Very down to earth. Slightly nerdy, but also charming in his own way. Seems to want to help other people, genuinely. Seems to be on track with studies at Stanford and in life.

Ma: Solid dude. Trustworthy. Seems to have a lot of things to say, in his mind, but sometimes struggles to get them across. When vibing, does great in field. Does not always carry high energy to generate vibe. The wood is wetter for sparking a fire. Seems to have studies on point at Stanford, and seems to have a passion when he talks about engineering.

Serum: Good friend of mine. Solid. More career aspirations to meet social circle goals is key to a better life down the road for him.

Stone: Trustworthy. Loyal. Willing to standup and pick a fight when needed. Gets angry easily. Very articulate and is able to communicate his thoughts and intentions in the moment better than most of my friends.

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