• The You Got Her Home Playlist: Seduction-Style

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Seduction Music

    Guest post by Debbie Anderson.

    Let’s say you’re at your place after the bar closed, and let’s assume things are going well. You’ve got the drinks on the table, you’re both on the couch, maybe her head is on your shoulder… Now what? As in what are you going to play? (We’re talking music-wise.)

    Speaking as a woman, I can tell you that music can make or break the pre-move-to-the-bedroom. If I am in a guy’s living room, and he’s blasting Barry White (God rest his soul) or Marvin Gaye (love him), I’m outta there. This is because those artists are so overdone in the seduction department, it’s time to mix it up. (And please, whatever you do, don’t play Sade. Talk about cliche.)

    Usually – and especially – when it’s after midnight, we women don’t want to hear overly peppy music, rap, or Weezer (although they rock), what we DO want is music that sets the mood and is a bit more on the mellow side.

    Below are some other suggestions for what to put on your “seduction playlist.” Keep in mind that these songs are sexy because either the singer’s voice does it for us, the lyrics make us feel something, or the melody is hot. Here you go:

    -Almost everything from U2’s “Achtung Baby.” Standouts include One, Until The End of the World, Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses, So Cruel, and Acrobat

    -Dead Can Dance’s The Carnival is Over

    -Portishead’s Glory Box

    -Dave Matthews’ Steady As We Go, Crush, Grace is Gone

    -Waterboys’ The Whole of the Moon

    -Lenny Kravitz’s This Moment is All There Is

    -David Gray’s Sail Away

    -Stereophonics’ Maybe Tomorrow

    -Pearl Jam’s Just Breathe

    -Norah Jones’ In the Dark

    -Eva Cassidy’s Fields of Gold

    And if you must play something higher-tempo, make it:

    -Maktub’s You Can’t Hide


    -Pitbull’s Feel This Moment

    And hey! Good luck!


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