• The Weekend Rules

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    It’s the weekend. I totally get it. There’s no reason to pull out a tux or even a button down shirt if that’s not your thing. But just because you’re going out to get the paper and a cup of coffee on Saturday morning doesn't mean last night’s wrinkled shirt, a crumpled tee you pulled off the floor or seasonally-inappropriate footwear deserve a dust-off. You might not be dressing to impress, but the weekend shuffle isn’t a competition to see who can look the most downtrodden. And you definitely aren’t in college any more, pal.

    weekend vs formal wear

    possible weekend attire vs formal wear

    Here are some easy rules for keeping cool, casual and comfortable on the weekend. I promise it’s just as effortless (fine, maybe a DROP above completely effortless) as your normal “does this smell OK?” weekend styling.

    1. When it doubt, throw it out (in the hamper, that is): I shouldn’t even have to say this, but I will. If it smells like last night—cigarettes, booze, sweat, whatever—toss it in the hamper. It doesn’t matter where you’re going, just do it. Your girlfriend doesn’t deserve it. The guy at the bodega doesn’t deserve it. Toss it.
    2. Launch a holy war: I know you don’t want to hear it, but it’s time to get rid of anything with a hole in it. It wasn’t meant to have a hole and, no, it probably doesn’t look cool. If you need to keep the sweater, jeans or tee, save it for a weekend painting project.
    3. Jeans are king: This goes without saying. A good pair of well-fitting jeans looks great morning to night. And, really, are they that hard to put on in the morning? Just do it.
    4. Top it off: Your go-to weekend tops should include Polos, tees and rugby shirts. Your never-go-to shirts should include any kind of sports jersey. Unless you are actually a professional athlete and this is actually the uniform you wear and you are ACTUALLY on your way to the field/stadium/court, take it off. If you’re going to watch a game, bring it and put it on when you get there. Plans change, you go out after, you meet someone…do you want to be that guy shuffling home in a Nets jersey tomorrow morning? No way.
    5. Tuck it: Rule of thumb—if it hits below your hips, tuck it in. That applies to almost everything except sweaters and sweatshirts.
    6. The right step: There’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to weekend footwear. Sneakers, loafers, boots, mocs—almost anything is welcome for weekend wear. But no matter what kicks you’re sporting, make sure they’re seasonally appropriate. Flip-flops in the dead of winter, Uggs in July…just no. And while I’m at it, unless you’re a chef and actually IN the kitchen, lose the Crocs. I know they’re comfortable. They’re also ugly as hell.
    7. Do not wear sweatpants. Ever. Unless you’re sleeping or planning to spend the day alone and stuck to your couch, they don’t belong. Not at Starbucks. Not at the grocery store. And never at a bar, restaurant or anywhere you risk basic human interaction. It’s just wrong. You’ll thank us next time you see the guy sitting alone in sweatpants next Saturday.
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