The Text And Phone Game Ebook by Kezia Noble

Keziz Noble Text and Phone Game


Kezia contacted me about a text game product that she wrote and I thought it would be another mediocre affiliate product. It was a few weeks before I started reading the PDF as part of my “to do” list and immediately I was hooked.

She starts out with the idea that if a girl likes you, your phone game doesn’t really matter. Unlike all the other text game products that claims you can get any woman in bed by sending the right texts, she sets the frame from page 1 about a woman’s real feelings towards a man she’s attracted to.

text and phone game

From there on, she explains that a lot of women give numbers out and they don’t always respond when a man calls. In the zone where the girl is unsure or the situation did not permit a solid connection, phone and text game can play a big role in helping her decide to finally meet you.

The same principles are throughout the book and Kezia gives you several “types” of texting methods that can yield results that end up on a second meeting.when she flakes

In the ebook, she discusses “ping texts”, how to send them, and provides examples.

Ping Text
“Labrador or Poodle?”
“Do you have a twin sister”

If she asks, “why?” you can reply with

I’m thinking about buying a puppy silly!” or ‘dopey’ (your choice)

Or if she responds with her choice, ALWAYS reply with:
“Wrong answer!”
(9 times out of 10 she will reply with “Why, what’s the right answer?”)
And then call her in 5 minutes.

Another text method is the Related Question Text

You mentioned something the other night that stuck in my mind a little, are you an only child or
are you from a really big family.

This is a genuine interest text and can be used to build trust and comfort. Assuming you have attraction already.

Overall, the e-book is a quick read and can give some immediate tips on handling text game. The price point is also relatively low at $29. You can get a copy of it here.

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