The secret to “next level” girls is structure.

“Why can’t I get the girl I really want?”

You’re probably thinking this if you’re trying to get your dating life handled.

The answer is actually pretty easy –

She doesn’t think you have enough value

Or, she doesn’t feel like she knows you.

In dating, value is driven by attraction triggers

And, familiarity (feeling like she knows you) is driven by connection triggers.

Nothing else matters.

Seriously, nothing.

I’ve spent the last 15 years testing this as a skinny loser, and finally cracked the code. In order to get higher level girls consistently, you need structure to your game.

When you add structured, prepared lines to your interactions, you get consistent results.

Girls start texting and messaging you to hangout

And eventually, asking you if they are your girlfriend

Which is actually a high quality problem if you want to enjoy being single!

In my new course, First Date Formula, I show you the 187 lines I used step by step to get solid numbers from approaches, get first dates from my online matches, and consistently turn dates into intimate relationships.

Students who went through this mini-course no longer feel worried if she’s going to respond, or scared of that awkward silence when he doesn’t know what to say

Checkout the First Date Formula for yourself here.