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    The School of Dating This site isn’t about building a good disguise its about developing the courage to take the disguise off and becoming the man!  Our goal is to make you more confident when it comes to meeting and dating women. We believe in building real men. The training sessions that we offer are an ongoing process for every phase of your life. We’re going to instill a complete sense of personal value.

    This isn’t just for single guys; it’s for every man, single, married, engaged, or involved. Ultimately, you will learn a man’s value isn’t placed on his Possessions; its placed in the man himself.not to re-invent the wheel but being a man at the end of the day.

    School of Dating offers a LIVE Dating Radio show on Dating, Women, and Sex. They offer a Free live dating phone chatline for guys to learn how to talk to women. Free boot camps and Videos.

    From The E zone Show:

    Related Instructors: Steve “The Dean” Williams

    Source: http://www.schoolofdating.com/

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