The reason I chose entrepreneurship

I remember as a kid that dad was always angry. There were times he beat me, but he always did it in a disciplined way. When the beatings went down, I promised that I would one day become a dinosaur and come back and kick his ass. (I loved dinosaurs, still do) Funny thing was, after I said that he would laugh a little and the beating usually stops.

Thinking back on this in highschool, I realized that often times, dad was very stressed from work. Although we lived a seemingly lavish lifestyle moving from country to country, the truth of the diplomatic family is that most of them are not paid that well. They are paid fairly, and most expenses related to moving are sponsored by the government. As dad used to say, we have a lot of power, but not as much money in the government. As I got older dad become more mature, and we became better friends rather than a father-son relationship.

This was one of the big influences in my life, watching dad work in the government and slowly began to lead me to pursue the study of business as a way to escape the “bad government boss” with too much authority entrapment. In economics class with Mr. T in highschool, he always stressed supply and demand. “The market always adjusts”, he would say as a supply-side economist (slight bias there on his part). I began to believe in the power of the capitalistic system. A system built upon the idea that in order to garner wealth and power, you must provide a good or service that benefits and adds value to others. How cool is that!!?

To my slight disappointment, there are many flaws in the capitalistic system. However, these flaws all at some level go back to the core of the human vices. Greed. Vengeance. Abuse of Power. Vanity. To date, it is a better system to advancing our race given the nature of humans.

Why I am telling you this story? It happened such as long time ago. Well. Today I had my first taste of the micro manager. My head felt like it hurt from stress, and I realized that I have never felt this way before. It was an interesting feeling. Fear. The power struggle at work and the feeling of someone having control over your survival value. It is a very humbling, humiliating as well as scary feeling. The reason I got into business was that I believed in the value of the market and that a skilled person can always find employment. While this is true to some degree, there are other things that hold you back to a job as well. Including your savings, health benefits and overall career momentum.

Guys, I feel… defeated. However, in my misery I promised myself one thing: that one day I would become rich enough to not have to bow down to a manager at company. I never, ever want to feel like this again if I can have the power to change it.

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