Power Suit

Think Gordon Gekko and the powerful Wall Street trader or executive. These guys mean serious business. Some may find them a bit too “corporate”, but there's not doubt a lot of 'power' in their style and overall vibe. The power suit is sometimes necessary in formal proceedings and where you need to exude a lot of power. Also, there has never been a woman who didn't think that a man looks good in a suit.

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Avatar Profile

Unique Style Qualities: Dark, commanding and dominant
Common Clothing Items: Suit Jacket, Suit Pants, Vest, Belt, Expensive Watch
Favorite Brands Hugo Boss, Versace, Calvin Klein, Burberry, Zara
Style Attraction Switches (SAS) Lifestyle, Wealth, Dominance and Power
What Women Think:
  • He must be rich
  • He must have resources
  • I could get to know a guy like him
  • He's intimidating!
Natural Habitat Boardrooms, senior management offices, financial firms, down on Wall Street in New York City

Famous Examples

Ari Gold
Ari Gold
Gordon Gecko
Gordon Gekko


The power suit has a long history and has many meanings. It must be backed up by a strong personality to have its effect. Similarly, it can come across as too dominating, and may cause unease with other men and people alike. It is important to have a versatile and pleasing personality to add dimension to the suit itself.

Natural Counterparts

Office Sluts
Office Sluts
Gold Diggers
Teachers / Faculty / Campus workers


Money Never Sleeps – Trailer


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