The Pickup Artist: The New and Improved Art of Seduction

Review of the book from Mystery (Erik von Markovik) and Lovedrop (Chris Odom)

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Neil Strauss is a great writer – but we know that already right?

I was instantly hooked to the book from Style’s Forward introduction. Without spoiling it for you, I will just say that he writes in his usually witty style and humor, instilling words of wisdom in a funny satire of the pickup company battles. At one point, he makes an interesting observation about pickup companies:

“So where do you start when every time you want to try something new, a friend or expert tells you it’s wrong of stupid? A good place to begin is by considering what all the competing theories and schools are methods have in common. For starters, almost all of them are not methods but marketing tactics, designed to differentiate themselves through criticizing the competition. In addition, they all contain one common denominator, the word game. And finally, the teacher behind almost every single one began as a student of Mystery’s… So why not simplify things and start at the source”

A day in the life of Project Miami

This story begins on a day in Project Miami, the mansion Matador, Mystery, Lovedrop and Mehow rented out near Miami as their new caper. A new promising student enters, and Mystery writes as if he was writing a diary regarding the student’s first day and his game progression throughout the weekend bootcamp. Most of the events are funny, as Project Miami is no bore.

Installing Attraction Switches

In between the narrative, you will find Mystery’s “Lesson plans”. These are structured sections that teach you in plain English how to approach, open, and physically escalate with girls at clubs. Mystery also explains why clubs are the best statistical place for picking up girls. Those of you who are familiar with the Mystery Method may find some repetition here. I found the new charts for Zen of Cool (Ghost vs. Flame) particularly useful as a reminder chart. Basically, always be the flame and love of the party, and let the negative elements of life pass by you and remain unaffected.

Method of Learning

One of the main points I got from this book was Mystery’s method of learning / acquiring PU knowledge. We always knew MM was systematic, but here he breaks down his rationale. He explains that statistically, creating attraction has these rules in place. The more you practice, the more fluid it becomes. His view of the world, although very systematic, makes sense in a weird Mystery sort of way. DHVs are definitely explored in detail here, as well as negs, Stripper Game and the basic mentality behind approaching strangers AKA The Cold Approach.

Pickup Drama (AKA Dick Crack)

You’ll notice some hilarious refernces to Mehow and Matador here in the diary-style written sections. Though potentially biased, it gives you some insight into the way most of these guys run their pickup companies.

Overall, this is a great book, and a spiritual sequel to The Game by Neil Strauss. You can get yourself a copy of The Pickup Artist at Amazon.

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