• The Pick-Up Artist (on VH1)

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    Quick Definition: A reality TV show where nine AFC contestants compete to see who can win the title of the Pick-Up Artist.

    Full Definition:

    The Pick-Up Artist is a reality TV show starring Mystery that first aired in 2007 on VH1. The show featured Mystery along with his two wingmen, J-Dog and Matador, who instructed the contestants on different aspects of pickup, then pit them against each other in different challenges designed to test their skills, with the loser being eliminated from the show.

    The original series was successful enough that it was brought back on air for a second season in 2008. The second season followed the same structure as the first, but with a new wingwoman, Tara, replacing J-Dog as one of the judges.

    The Pick-Up Artist, along with Neil Strauss’s book, The Game, are credited with bringing the pickup and seduction community into the mainstream in recent years.

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