• The Perfect Time to Pick Up by Johnny Wolf

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Hey guys, this is a guest post exclusively for PUA Lingo by Johnny Wolf, Senior Instructor for The ABC’s of Attraction and co-founder/co-host of the PUA Summit The Perfect Time to Pick Up:Timing is everything, and that is especially true when it comes to meeting women and being on top of your game.

    Midnight – 2am:

    The most common time for guys to run game is around midnight until 2am.  This includes naturals and PUAs a like, since it takes some time for warm up for most PUAs, and some time for naturals to get some drinks in them.

    Pros: Great for getting over approach anxiety since people are starting to drink and get buzzed, everyone is feeling social, and social circles break apart so there will be single girls and two sets walking around.

    Cons: Everyone else is sarging at this time as well, AMOGs come out, and bitch shields come up.  Plus this is the hours that girls are most likely to forget who you are when you call since there is so much alcohol and stimuli.

    2am + Closing Time:

    JT aka The Asian Playboy being from Texas and all, calls this “Cattle Call.”  It’s when everyone is pushed out of the club into the parking lot and told to go home.

    Pros: Some girls still want to party, it’s an easy time to bounce girls either to another party, your place, or to a late night restaurant.  Some girls are also drunk and horny and will respond well to hard core direct game.

    Cons: Everyone is A.D.D. at this time and proper game gets thrown out the window.  AMOGs are also the more extreme and violent during closing time.

    Day Game:

    A lot of the best pick ups happen during the day.  Solid numbers, and good girls often are not the ones clubbing every night of the week, so chances are girls you pick up during the day may turn into better girlfriends and Day 2’s.

    Pros: You can game anywhere, anytime without restrictions of club hours.  AMOGs are rarely an issue during the day.  It’s easy to instant date.  Phone numbers are more solid and flake less.

    Cons: The awkwardness of approaching during non-social situations makes approach anxiety higher.  Others will listen in and wonder what you’re doing, giving you an audience, also spiking AA.  During the day it is less target rich so you have to be ready anytime anywhere.

    The Magic Hour:

    I’m going to share with you guys my personal favorite time to game.  During these special hour I consistently get the best results, the most day 2’s and the most lays.  I’m talking about the “awkward hour” between 8:30-9:30 when people are starting to show up at bars and even some clubs, but no one’s drunk yet and no one is wandering around being social.

    Pros: All the benefits of a social setting with none of the cons.  Girls are not drunk/A.D.D. yet, AMOGs are not yet gaming, you get some good girls that are there for just one or two drinks after work.  You’ll be the first guy to hit on them all night which makes them remember you more and their bitch shields are not up yet.

    Cons: Some of the cons of day game, people will listen in, and it won’t be a social situation yet.

    Getting Results, numbers, day 2’s and  a girlfriend:

    For me personally, I hate staying up late, and I don’t like loud music, alcohol or smoke, so I hate clubs.  I do day game, but really my magic hour is between 8:30-9:30.  But knowing that I’ve gamed 24/7.  I just use the above knowledge to calibrate and adjust my game depending on the situation and time.

    Check  out my personal blog www.TheSocialSecrets.com and get more secrets, techniques and watch the legendary videos.

    Warm Regards,

    Johnny Wolf

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