The Online Game: Internet Attraction System Review

The Online Game eBook shows a disciplined approach to online attraction can give you the edge, when it comes to seducing and meeting beautiful women through the internet.tn_715_paperonlinegame2_1266672216


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This is another online dating guide written by a PUA. Unlike David M.’s Insider Internet Dating, it covers a bit more and is more recent as of 2009.

The course itself is impressive as it is a definitive system on how to attract beautiful women. Derek Lamont shows you how attracting women online is actually easier than in real life. He shows the mistakes almost all men do when talking to women online and how to avoid the traps. He shares psychological strategies you can employ in your messages to women and you’ll learn the fool-proof way to avoid rejection when approaching women online and in real life. How about knowing how to take headshots that stand out from the rest. When you look at your competition it’ll become obvious and you won’t make those mistakes again. Your profile wording is just as important as the photo so you get a step by step system to tailor your facts to make you attractive yet mysterious enough to make them want to know more.

The Other bits

This eBook teaches how to convey humor and make women laugh; how to make a woman feel special without her losing any power; how to use the internet to line up more dates than you would face to face; techniques for attracting women through instant messenger conversations; how to effectively create amounts of sexual tension that she will love and respond to; the one mistake that 99.99% of guys make when e-mailing women online; methods for attracting those women on the phone; and the best way to make your first-impression when you actually meet.

Most of this stuff you can find if you are a seasoned PUA or know of PUA channels online. I remember I used to copy and paste good bits from different PUA sites. However as far as a starter guide to online dating goes, this may be one of your main reading items.

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