The Newbie Style Drill

This post is dedicated to guys just getting into style. You may be looking for the magic pill. It doesn’t exist. So here is the next best thing. The newbie style drill will significantly improve your outer appearance in a short amount of time.


These are some basic fashion and style tips that will make everything you do more successful. In the beginning it is almost more important to remove existing bad habits and mistakes before replacing them with new behavior patterns that help instead of hinder. Here are 14 steps in the newbie style drill:

1. Un-tuck that shirt

Unless it is a formal suit and tuxedo event, don’t go out to a social gathering with a collared, button-down shirt that is tucked in. It looks too tidy and alludes to the “nice guy” persona. As we all remembered: nice guys = no girls.

2. Take off that T-shirt under the dress shirt

Don’t wear a white t-shirt under your dress shirt. That’s very 1980s and it conveys a lack of sexuality. Someone pointed this out to me at a PUA seminar and although it hurt at the time, it improved my style drastically. Undo the top two buttons of your shirt (no more than that!) and show a tiny bit of your chest. There should be nice skin underneath and perhaps a necklace to increase sexuality.

3. Get some accessories and start testing them

Earrings, rings hats, scarves, neck-chains, wrist band all accentuate masculine sexuality. If you’ve read the Science of Beauty eBook, you know that certain features of animals are purely ornamental and have no survival value (e.g., the deer’s antlers and a peacock’s tail). Accessorizing the right way takes time and practice. If you start getting compliments from girls about an item piece, you’re starting to get it right.

4. Make your clothes fit

This one single factor will increase a man’s attractiveness exponentially. From now all, only buy form-fitting clothes! We will devote a whole chapter to fit in the next chapter.

5. Remove excess hair

There are actually a lot of body parts on a man that can have excess hair. We covered some of them in the previous chapter. Facially, make sure your eyebrows and properly tweezed.

6. Take care of acne

First, if you’re still getting acne, see a dermatologist. Second, for your acne scars, consider laser skin care (expensive) or makeup (cheap). Get a female friend to help you buy a cover up stick and some powder. You can make your zits vanish for the night. Makeup does clog up the pores, however and it’s a short term solution for a problem that has been around for a long time.

The real power of acne cannot be fully understood unless you personally have lived through it, as I have. I got acne since I was in high school and the scars left behind were significant, even after rounds of Accutane treatment among other well documented medications. However, I eventually prevailed with regular topical treatments of Atralin and Duac. Every person’s skin is different, and you must NEVER give up on finding a solution that works for you. For a full detailed brief, checkout my personal profile on (alpha.wolf) and the story of other sufferers on the forum.

7. Whiten your teeth

Your teeth are the center of your smile, a huge charisma and attraction trigger. People automatically open up when they see a genuine, clean smile. Whitening your teeth is cheaper and easier than you think. You can buy white strips at the pharmacy store or have more intense whitening sessions with the dentist (sometimes covered by insurance). The important thing is to maintain a healthy bite, which includes brushing and flossing regularly as part of your routine before and out of bed.

Hot girls floss. You should too.

8. Exercise

No excuses. Just do it. A healthy body is a sexy body. No matter how good your style is, you’re not going to come across as your best if you have a sloppy body. Go to the gym, and get this part of your life handled. If you want some practical tips on how to improve your body, check out our ebook on how to build a sexy body.

9. Glasses

Glasses are sexy on some men. They are not on most men. Try out color contacts or contacts to see how you feel without glasses. There are some exceptions where a man looks better with stylish framed glasses. However this is rare and there is only a very specific style of guys who can pull this off.

10. Don’t overdo it

Newbie artists have this problem phase where they try out too many things at once. Don’t be afraid to make this error, but correct it quickly so it does not become a blind spot. Too much of a good thing can be bad. Avoid things like wearing way too many accessories. Women are especially turned off by many men who put on way too much cologne.

11. Black Socks

Unless you’re Michael Jackson, don’t wear white socks with leather shoes.

12. Get a leather jacket

For increasing the sexiness of your avatar and the feel of leather (tribal animal skin and trophies). The first time I wore a leather jacket, I felt stronger and cooler the whole first week. I have had a few leather jackets in my wardrobe ever since.

13. Leather Shoes

Have at least one pair of nice leather shoes. Girl friends of mine have rejected men solely based on their shoes. High end leather shoes in black or brown (for more casual occasions) last for years and can be paired up with dress pants or jeans. I like the black leather shoes from Kenneth Cole.

Look for leather shoes that click slightly when you walk. It adds an additional resonance to your movement and also accentuates dominance. Lace-less leather shoes have become extremely convenient as you can slip them on and off between formal and casual wear.

14. Nails

Keep your nails trimmed and cleaned. You’re not a girl, so don’t let your nails extend beyond half a millimeter past your fingers. Dirt under your nails is also a no-no. Make sure your nails and hands in general are washed and clean. Don’t paint your nails unless your name happens to be “Mystery”. Some guys do look very good with black nail polish. However, only do this if it is congruent with your style.

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