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    A long, long time ago, 99% of the men were clueless when it came to women. Men walked by beautiful women everyday on the street, in the mall, at work. The fresh smell of her peach perfume lingers in the air as she walks by, and just for a second, we wondered what it would be like to spend some time with this beautiful creature. As fast it it came into your mind, the thought is gone. But only until we meet the next girl, and fail again to comprehend the skills that we need to ask her out on a date.

    In this world back in 1998, the internet was beginning to take form, and a few men knew the secrets to seducing women. They taught it to each other on internet forums. PUAs and seducers and players from around the world. One man in particular, Erik Von Markovik, documented his findings meticulously. His ideas well thought out. Its application Field-tested. He wanted to share this with the world. Like Donald Trump’s Art of the Deal, and Just Dance for Lady Gaga,  it was the “breakout song” for the new artist. The Mystery Method set a new standard for seduction, and its impact has become legacy ever since.

    When you read this book you feel the emotions of the author: fear, anger, excitement, passion as he tries to share with you the thoughts and ideas in his brain. In some ways this is probably the best seduction piece ever written, because it was so ahead of its time and so ground-breaking and even still applies to seduction today, 12 years later. Most importantly, it was passionately written, by a then “younger” Mystery (in his mid-20s), who felt like it was his responsibility to share what he knew with the world.

    The M3 Model

    The Mystery Method breaks down the MM model in detail from A1 to S3:

    m3 model

    An explanation of each phase is explained in detail, from opening to full closing. The M3 model continues to serve as a major foundation for all attraction based teachings. One may argue that all other methods inherently follow this pattern from attraction/comfort to seduction. The M3 model is based on an evolution from Mystery’s original model after 10 years of in field experience: FMAC (Find, Meet, Attract, Close).


    It is hard to think of anything that was significantly negative about the Mystery Method Handbook. I think that it has the danger for newbies to become too mechanical in their game. Not every “interaction” is a “stage of a seduction phase”. This provides a learning pitfall and potential fallacy where newbies think everything has to be scripted and mechanical in game, like a rehearsed scene in a play. It is important to be guided by trained instructors when applying MM because of the complexity of the system when we go into the details.

    The original MM openers and routines have been adopted quite heavily, and influenced by mass media products like Style’s The Game and VH1’s The Pickup Artist. As such, some of the material requires updating or revising.

    If you are reading this review and have found the contents interesting, please consider purchasing the Mystery Method via our Amazon link here.

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