• Men In Uniform

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    A uniform symbolizes many things. It also triggers many of the attraction switches inherent in style. The simple act of having a regular uniform means that the man is part of something greater: a marine, a pilot, a fire fighter. It also shows a high level of skill that is required to qualify for the right to wear it. Uniforms also signify power and prestige. It just subcommunicates many things. If the man, however, does not measure up to the status of his uniform, his status drops as if a wolf is found in sheep’s clothing. Be sure you are worthy of the uniform you are wearing.

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    Unique Style Qualities:Dominance, darker colors, similarity and part of a tribe, power, and lack of individual identity for group strength
    Common Clothing Items:Hat, badges, gloves, fire protection, protective gear, vests, sharp and clear cut designs
    Favorite Brandsn/a
    Style Attraction Switches (SAS)Elite-ness, Dominance, Power, Part of a larger picture, Tribal, War, Stable, Willing to executive orders
    What Women Think:
    • He looks very powerful
    • I’d like to see what’s under that uniform
    • Where’s his fire pole?
    • He can protect me
    Natural HabitatPolice station, fire station, military, air force, private schools, public service locations

    Famous Examples

    Tom Cruise in Top Gun, David Caruso in CSI Miami, Cops and FBI themed movies

    Natural Counterparts

    Law officers, innocent girls that need protection, housewives


    policeman on horse

    airforce uniform ron paul

    fire men

    swat movie collin farrell

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