• The "I am going to have fun" vibe

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Thursday afternoon, we are playing a game at the courts in Crittenden Lane. I was doing alright, but not that well. This wasn’t even my team. I thought about it, and remembered back in high school – when I played ball, it was always when I didn’t think about it that much that I did really well. Coach made me to 20 push ups after sucking the first half, and I was so tired that when I went back into the game I didn’t think about it and sunk my first shot.

    This playful vibe is useful, and I ended up scoring 6 of the 21 points for the win. Later that weekend, I also embodied the “Fun” attitude into my PU. This attitude is comprised of “I am going to have a good time” with “I am a fucking cool guy with a cool life” vibe. Combine this with actual skill, in basketball and PU, and you can get very far in results. I had 2 girls buy me drinks recently. It was a blast. Lovedrop talks about the Ying and Yang. Ying is the positive energy you generate form your presense. Your positive vibe. The Yang is the non-reaction seeking and negative energy deflecting energy. You can’t let one person’s actions get to you, this includes other AMOGs, a girl’s rejection, or any other distraction of that sort. In some times, being in a “fun state” is like being in “Flow”, and your ego goes out the window. You are one with the game.

    Feeling like this also makes me smile and happy for a moment. And during that phase, in my mind I wish I would not lose it and that this feeling can continue. I can call it up when I force a smile, or when I think about this “fun and play” basketball mentaltity again, but the impact it has when it happens varies.

    I suppose, when in doubt, let your ego go. Think, “have fun”. and “I am cool”. In the words of Vincent Chase, “My life is too good to be worried about Shit like this”.

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