• The Game’s Neil Strauss (Style) is Dead, Getting Married

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    As one of the founders of the seduction community, Style was an icon that helped millions of guys find “game” and the then-uncovered seduction world. This year, at 39, TMZ breaks the news of his marriage to Ingrid De La O. Nice to see that love is still possible for so called “pick up artists” or dating coaches. At the end of the day, maybe we just want to be loved?

    RIP Style Neil Strauss

    RIP Style, thank you for sharing the community with me

    Over the last few years since The Game came out, Style has moved on to other things. Being a writer, he wrote a book on survivalists, and even enlisted the help of his seduction email list to pick the cover for Emergency. Although thankful for game, Neil never built a solid business around the concept (except to hand over Stylelife Academy to several of his wings like Bravo). Neil has stayed in the Hollywood scene, but out of the radars of the pick up guys.

    The last few years marked a string of pick up icons leaving the game, Nick Kho of RSD getting married, and Sinn saying he’s leaving the community at 30. I wonder what will be next? It is nice to see the guys of the game evolving into real men.



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