The Game: Meeting Girls in the Bay Area (South Bay & San Jose)

For the last few days I have gone out non-stop in the south bay. I refuse to go out to SF, because my goal is to get consistent lays here in the south bay and the logistics don’t workout when you have to drive an hour each way.

I have also been running 9 and 10 game. This is extremely difficult on its own, and even harder in the south bay, where the guy to girl ratio is close to 2:1.  Most really hot girls already have guys in their groups, and you have to disqualify heavily to open their group. Most of the time, the “guy” friend is also trying to get some. But sometimes they are cool.

US Singles Map
Single's Ratio in the US (Does not include open marriages)

First… The Game and How It Is Played Here
When you’re gaming 9s and 10s there is a very specific side affect that comes from the sales cycle. This type of game forces you to face your inner demons:

  • Maybe I’m not good looking enough
  • Maybe I’m not rich enough
  • Maybe I’m not fun or interesting enough
  • Maybe I’m not good enough

When in fact the rejection rate is simply higher in the South Bay because girls have more options and there is a higher concentration of competition for the nines and tens. Also there is this fixed (smaller) percentage in the overall population of girls who qualify as a nine or 10. Therefore when they go out there accompanied by guy friends and are often times protected from chodes that approach her.

AlphaWolf: A small percentage change in the singles (and sometimes married) male to female ratio greatly influences the power dynamics of dating  between the sexes.

So the secret to unlocking the social circle game in San Jose is really preparing the lifestyle. But we’ve had this discussion before and they end up nowhere because it has nothing to do with game. To me game is the artificial reality sort of like the matrix. Social dynamics are in play and it’s your job to get that girl.


After you get to meet her and date her, real life kicks in – is she compatible with me – do our lives fit well together to rebuild something together. In life we are outside of the matrix and in Zion the world has its realities that kick in.

Opening and Meeting
So let me talk about the tactical: the matrix you will. First in San Jose it is ever more so important to find that clubs and locations where it is acceptable to talk to strangers. This means less social groups and more mingling and interactions. If you find a bar in San Jose that has allowed the closeness social groups picking up those girls in those groups becomes ever more difficult. It is not impossible but often times makes your job a lot harder. Next, open the green light. It doesn’t matter if the girl is not good looking you want to start a conversation right away to get things going you don’t have to decide whether you want a girl and not just open and have a good interaction. Open guys and talk to them, often times they are with girls that are friends. Also it puts you in a social mode.

If you open enough girls eventually one of them will like you no matter what. However often times you will get harsh rejections in your rack up a string of rejections from various girls. How you deal with this determines whether or not you’re a true seducer.

It is important in a high male to female ratio environment to disqualify and remain neutral. By neutral, I mean have plausible deniability at all times do you not blatantly hitting on her. Even if you are, it has come from a place where the mastery of the subtleties are clear to you and her.

In the South Bay, because so many guys are so lame and stand around the dance floor to stand around looking at girls, the fact that you’re able to interact with girls is a huge plus. Finding a female wing is more difficult than I thought it would be. However, I noticed a pattern of positive IOIs when I’m able to produce high value in the bar and initiate an unbreakable opener. Things usually go well after that. For example on Tuesday night in San Jose, I approached a nine and I said to her, “I’m not hitting on you but I just noticed that you’re the only one in here wearing red today”, she stopped smiled and we talked for a bit and we had a good interaction. She is with her boyfriend so she left with a smile and I nodded and then turn around to open the next set. Opening became a lot easier after that because I had demonstrated that what I had this ability to socially interact with hot girls.

Phone Numbers
Following up on numbers in the South Bay is a very tough sales cycle. Consider it a competitive sales market. You have to work at the numbers because girls have more options. As such your game on text has to be:

  • Non-needy
  • Convey value (to her)
  • Show a willingness to walk away
  • Have proper timing
  • Luck

Most of all, you MUST know when to STOP TEXTING. It is not a sign of weakness. As a matter of fact, it is a sign of control, strength, and most importantly OPTIONS.

Sometimes based on the girls menstrual cycle she’ll respond to you so keep at it and don’t give up. At the same time the biggest mistake that guys make with 9s and 10s is that as soon as she replies to one or two texts, we start thinking about what it would be like to sleep with her. (I am guilty of this) Remember you cannot lose something you do not yet possess. Therefore assume that you are screening her as a friend and potential romantic interest and go from there. Again, remember THE GAME is designed specifically to suit the girls emotional cycle from meeting you to a sexual relationship, not YOURS. Yours is simply a switch from OFF to ON.

This is a different topic I won’t talk about today, but again, the sex ratios affect this. All things equal, a girl has more power here than she will in a place like Brazil, where the ratio is reversed. She’s therefore more likely to walk away or find sex (and intimacy) elsewhere.

All in all, the south bay is like the desert. If you can hunt and survive here, you became a true predator and can excel anywhere else.

All the more reason that the best PUAs here should work together.

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