• The Direct Street Approach – The How To Guide

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Guest Article written by Robert King from http://www.puamethod.com

    The most important part of the Direct Street Approach is the initial approach itself.  All of the PUA’s value is carried in his sub communications and any genetic value the PUA may take into the approach.  With this approach there is no “warming up the room”, “social proofing” or need to demonstrate any social value before the approach.  If you have fairly good genetics and you can learn to approach confidently then this approach will be ideal for you.  It is quick, direct and within just a couple of hours you can get very solid numbers from some beautiful women.

    Example of a Kiss Close in the park:

    During the approach, running up to the woman from behind is less threatening than if it was to be done towards her front.  The PUA should just appear out of nowhere but in a way that doesn’t startle her.  The motion should be fluid and it should match the woman’s energy levels.  If the woman is walking fast then more room should be left.  A rule of thumb is: if she is walking slow then leave 1.5 meters and if she is walking fast then leave 2.5 meters.  She has to hear the whole opener before she has walked past otherwise she is rarely going to come back and chat. At every boot camp I have to tell students to leave more room, it is a common error but it’s easy to correct.

    If she is walking fast then the speed in which you open and deliver the opener should also be faster to match her energy levels.  If she feels like she is in a rush then only energy of the same or a higher value will cause her to jump out of what she is doing.  If the woman is walking slowly, then it is important to “jog” round her and not to “run” round her.  If she is slow, the opener should be delivered in a more relaxed tone (casual) which will match the energy of her and her surroundings.  The woman should not be shocked or startled; if this is happening then it will be important to check your energy levels.

    rob king <a href='https://www.pualingo.com/pua-definitions/pick-up-artist/'>pua</a> book

    Image taken from the book “The Pick Up Game by Rob King”

    Opening correctly is all about being authentic.  You don’t have to smile, so if you don’t feel like smiling… don’t smile!  It is better to be true to how you are feeling in that moment. Even if you feel sad it is OK to show this: “Hey, I was having the winter blues today but I saw you and I had to come over and say hi” She will giggle or smile if it is delivered correctly. It is obviously best to feel happy rather than sad, but equally it is better to accept that you feel sad rather than fake happiness.

    The woman will be looking at your sub-communications, i.e. your body language, energy, and vocal tonality, to see whether you are genuine or not.  The most important thing to her is that you are trustworthy and being genuine.  I have picked up many, many times while feeling like a soulless troll. This is because I accepted it and was congruent with my troll-like qualities.  It is a lot more attractive to be real in a lower state rather than to be fake.  Remember, being fake is the least attractive quality; the girl will view this person as untrustworthy and decide to keep walking.

    When going for the kiss close from a street approach, I’ve found that it is best to try this no earlier than the third location you share with her.  For months I tried to get the kiss close on the instant date.  So I’d try in the first pub or the coffee shop (which is the second location) and I noticed that it is a lot harder to do.  I’d often get comments like “you do this to all the girls” or “you are a player”.  What I found through trial and error is that by going for the kiss close on the third location completely removes these comments.  By you going for the kiss close on the third location will feel to her like “it just happened” and that this is not some kind of game plan.  So just like chess you want to be thinking a few moves ahead but also at the same time your focus should be on your current move only.  In the video you can see me implement this technique:-

    The First location – Meeting her on the street

    The Second Location – Going into the coffee shop (even though we didn’t stay, just the fact that we went there still counts as a second location).

    The Third Location – The Park, this is where the kiss close happens.

    When approaching on the street always have an idea of where the coffee shops are or a nice bar to go to is.  Have a game plan in the back of your mind and stick to it.

    I have also found that numbers become more solid (she is more likely to meet you again), if you take her to multiple locations.  Generally for students, a pretty good interaction with a number close will be about 50% solid.  A pretty good interaction with second location and number close will be about 80% solid.  The main reasons for this are:

    • She will have more memories with you.
    • She is investing her time and safety by going with you to a second location.
    • She will view you as a real person and someone she could date.

    So if she seems like she is not in a rush and could possibly go for a quick coffee or drink with you then this will be a very solid game plan.

    It’s been great connecting and exploring the game with you,

    Peace n Love,

    Robert King (Kingy)

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