The different age problem

Context: advice on dealing with age differences

First off, you should never anticipate any negative outcomes and that includes anticipating age to be a potential problem. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be minimizing the risks, and that is why this issue of a yet non-existent problem is addressed here.

Secondly, you should be the perfect man for the woman of your choice dispite or even because of your age (for example, if the question of your age does come up, reframe it as a question of whether  she  is mature enough to be with you). You accomplish being a perfect man by displaying all the right qualities and none of the wrong ones, either through eliciting values, patterning, negging etc, doesn’t matter which as long as they do the job – you are the perfect man and whatever your age, it’ll only be to your advantage.

But that’s ideally and we don’t live in an ideal world, so sometimes the fate of a relationship might just be determined by something as trivial as your age. Although in theory the age of the person to associate with should not be a problem, it is undoubtedly a consideration for many women.

Being too young for a woman is a rare occasion and even then rarely a problem, as older women welcome younger guys in their arms quite gladly Being too old for a woman is a much more serious issue, especially with women fresh into womanhood (late teens and early to middle 20s).

So if you anticipate your age might turn into a potential problem, what do you do? Neither do you want to tell her and risk being found out to be too old nor do you want to lie (even if you don’t have a problem being unethical, being found out to be a liar can have even worse consequences than being found out to be too old), right?

Here’s a suggestion by Mystery: Lie – serious. You only have to lie for the first 2 weeks. Then you let them in on the secret as if only they know not even your MOM knows the truth. Girl’s alredy fucked you. Then the TRUTH brings you closer. Trust me, I KNOW.

If you prefer to keep your integrity and stay honest, the best way to do it is to reframe the problem of whether you are too old to whether she is mature enough. Scot Scinner:

Her: Aren’t you a little old for me? How old are you?

Him: 42.

Her: See, I’m 19. That’s too big of a difference in ages.

Him: It is not a question of the differences in our ages, as it is a question of whether or not you are mature enough to become involved with me.

Her: Yeah, right. (or) I mature enoughblah, blah, blah.

Him: When you GO INSIDE and THINK about the advantages, of being with an older man, if you could just DO IT NOW, you’ll see that there are plenty (continue with patterning).

Razor505, direct contribution: First you always wait for her to bring up the difference (you must know the difference i.e. 15, 17 years whatever). Second listen to whatever she says at this point feed it back to her, then tell her Look, you don’t have to imagine how either way it goes we both win, right? (keep talking dont give her a chance to respond) I mean if we just become good friends we win right (don’t give her a chance to respond) or if we become more we still win right (keep going) or if we go each our own ways we still win right? And instanly ask something about her. It is very important to say all this as off hand as you can.