The Concept Of Cocky&Funny

Originally posted by Magnus

C&F (or Cocky and Funny) is a style of personality or mindset (also called a frame) one can project to gain attraction with a woman. It is a copyrighted phrase for a seduction method invented by David DeAngelo. This method involves acting in a cocky and funny manner, often neg-hitting your target at the right times and very often using Push-Pull to gain attraction as well.

Usually used by experienced PUAs in their pickup attempts, and often adopted by OBs naturally because a lot of C&F behaviour is simply aggressive humor.

A very good example (slightly modified for easy comprehension and reading) taken from Flame’s Demonstrating Value post on the forums:

Flame’s comments in BOLD

Girl’s comments in ITALIC

(please note that this is not a real conversation, but is pretty damn close to what would happen if the circumstance was right)

Yeah, so I box… it’s fucking grueling, but I dunno… nothing else I’ve ever done gives me the same rush. You play any sports?

Well, I’m a huge hockey fan…

Are you kidding me? You’re into hockey? Wait…. are you one of those poser girls who pretend to like sports just to get attention from guys, but honestly couldn’t care less? You are, aren’t you?![Push]

What?! NO! I love hockey! Really!!!

Hmm…. okay…. who’s the greatest, handsomest, coolest guy who ever played for the NY Rangers? [Keep Pushing, because I’m going to make a strong Pull]

Wayne Gretzky.

Actually, it’s Mark Messier… dork *grin* [Pushing….]

No way! Gretzky was so much hotter than Messier and he was so much better on the ice.

…… A girl who knows who Gretzky AND Messier are…. omg, I love you. You’re my new girlfriend. [PULL]

Hahahaha okay!

BUT WAIT… are you rich?

Uh…. no…. not really…

….. Oooookay, we’re sooo broken up. Dammit, I was going to just be your stay-at-home bf and watch my soaps all day… [Push]

Hahahaha jerk!

Hmm… okay, I’ll give you another chance… you can cook though, right?

Yes, I’m amazing in the kitchen.

Awesome! We’re getting married… *dramatically/exaggeratedly* Will you… marry me? [PULL]

By Magnus

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