The Community within the community

Quick Definition: The small percentage, about 10% of guys, who actually back up their desire to learn pickup with massive action.

Full Definition:

The pick up companies report at 90% failure rate of students trying to learn game. Some drop out, others give up, and others simply quit. The remaining 10% do it right. How? Usually, with a combination of a clear head (common sense), a lot of effort, and a little guidance.

The small community of guys who actually got good at game usually recognize each other. They’ve been in the game for a few years and have seen progression. As we would say, “game recognizes game”. A seducer can see another seducer clearly.

Unfortunately, the majority of guys that get stuck never get good – they give up, or end up cruising along a mediocre type of skill set for a long time. When learning game, newbies should be careful in soliciting advice from guys who have been in the game a long time, but still look like they haven’t gotten the girls they wanted. This type of advice from them is dangerous and should not be trusted. The importance of leaning from a guy whocan actually pull the type of girls you want, and a professional coach who knows the skill set, makes a huge difference in getting good at game.

Seek out the best guys in the game – they are usually more humble and approachable than you think.

Tyler talks about the “community within the community in this video at 11:05


We’re in the community within the PUA community.

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