The Comedian

The great comedian is skilled in the subtleties of life and the underlying humor that exists in everything we do. His ability to generate laughter is extremely attractive, and his command on stage only broadens his sex appeal. Comics sometimes aren’t as funny in person off stage, and the guy who “thinks” he’s a comic and isn’t is just annoying. Nonetheless, the court jester always seems like the fool but in reality is wiser than the king.

Avatar Profile

Unique Style Qualities: Often unique looking or has something that they use for their skit (pimp coat, cigar, cane, drink)
Common Clothing Items: Hats, microphone, towel (for sweating on stage), jacket, other stage props
Favorite Brands n/a
Style Attraction Switches (SAS) Humour, Intelligence, Stage Presence, Discipline, Professionalism, Breaking the social barriers and status-quo with comedy
What Women Think:
  • He’s so funny
  • I can’t stop laughing (or thinking about him)
  • He must really understand women
Natural Habitat Comedy clubs, Vegas, bars, comedy venues, open mic night, The Apollo

Famous Examples

Robin Williams Award
Robin Williams
Katt Williams
Katt Williams
Dat Phan
Dat Phan


By making fun of themselves, they negate the desire for others to laugh at them. Instead, the comic turns the power for influence in getting others to laugh with him, and in turn, move in his “directional thought”. Becoming a comic is extremely difficult and takes not only talent but strong determination and discipline. Those that make it to the top are afforded the authority to influence popular culture.

Natural Counterparts

Hot Black Girls
Hot Black Girls


chris rock
Chris Rock, one of the most successful comedians of his generation
Dave Chapelle on stage
Katt Williams personifies the "pimp gangster" in his comedic acts

Try not to laugh:

Dat Phan:

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