• The College Code (Conquer Your Campus) Review

    by AlphaWolf & Co.


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    AKA Conquer Your Campus

    The Campus Code

    “The College Code” from the dating company College Flirt provides guys various ways on how to meet and date women in college. It covers ways on creating social circle in college and picking up girls at parties and clubs. In addition, it also explains the difference between meeting girls in college versus the normal pick up.’

    Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

    Chapter 1 This Is not the Real World (college game vs real world gaming)
    Chapter 2 The MindSet of A College Flirt (By PowerHouse)
    Chapter 3 How to Make a Huge Social Circle From Nothing (CEO Arob)
    Chapter 3.5 Using your Social Circle To Get Laid (MassiveRay)
    Chapter 4 HPRJs Total Guide to Frat Daddy Party Game
    Chapter 5 How to Get Girls and People Chasing You (Two Step)
    Chapter 6 Going on A Date in College (Two Step and MassiveRay)
    Chapter 7 General Flirting Do’s and Don’t’s (Massive Ray)
    Chapter 8 Crazy Our Fave Field Reports and College Stories
    Chapter 9 About the Authors

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