• The Bohemian

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Johnny Depp (and his alter ego Jack Sparrow, not to mention his inspiration Keith Richards), Bob Dylan, Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski, Sting. All bohemians prioritizing freedom of expression above all else. Usually someone working in the arts or living an artistic lifestyle, bohemians symbolize non-conformity and individuality. Wardrobe-wise, bohemians don't answer to anyone but themselves, wearing what reflects their personality, and refusing to follow societal norms. Bohemian style is eclectic, often colorful, and always interesting.

    It is the fashion of the wanderer, the poet, and the deep soul, which is probably why bohemian style – if worn from the heart – is so sexy.

    The term “bohemian” first arose in France during the 19th century due to the arrival of gypsies believed to be showing up from Bohemia in the Czech Republic. The word quickly flew away from its original meaning though and came to represent a lifestyle rather than an ethnicity. In the U.S., the “Beat” generation in the '50s and the subsequent hippies of the ‘60s reflected the bohemian lifestyle and look.

    Here's more about this hot fashion subculture:

    Avatar Profile

    Unique Style Qualities:Relaxed, comfortable, self-actualized, artistic, natural, often colorful
    Common Clothing Items:Natural-fiber open-necked shirts unbuttoned to lower than you think they should be, loose pants, cargo pants, cut-off shorts, vests, cotton t-shirts with a message, mismatched pieces, boots, leather flip flops, leather bags, rimless sunglasses, large-framed eyeglasses, multiple necklaces and rings, scarf, head wrap, hat/beanie, hemp anything
    Favorite BrandsIceBerg, Pull & Bear, Y-3, anything thrifted
    Style Attraction Switches (SAS)Intelligence, power of knowledge, curiosity
    What Women Think:
    • I want to wander the world with him
    • He'll read poetry to me while I take a bath
    • He's probably into Tantric sex
    Natural HabitatIndependent coffee houses and bookstores, secondhand stores, Paris, underrated art galleries, yoga studios, hookah shops

    Famous Examples

    Matthew McConaughey, Colin Farrell, Orlando Bloom, Gary Oldman, Johnny Depp, Bob (and Jakob) Dylan

    Natural Counterparts

    Boho chicks, yoga instructors, indie musicians, struggling artists, organic food growers, cougars looking to relive their youth



    Robert Downey, Jr. Photo from AP.

    Johnny Depp Bohemian Style

    Johnny Depp. Photo from Evan Agostini/Invision/AP File.


    Matthew McConaughey. Photo from Pacific Coast News Online.

    pullandbear mens style

    Photo from PullandBear.com.

    Bob+Dylan bohemian

    Bob Dylan. Photo from Google Images.

    As you can see, layering is important, and an outfit might include a pair of loose pants or straight jeans topped with a tee, button-down, or vest — or a combination of those — and a scarf and beanie/necklaces/don't-mess-with-me-I'm-creative expression.

    Also, bohemian fashion is often the look of a person with expensive taste but who's on a budget, so The Bohemian might buy throwback brands and styles from a secondhand store, rather than something new.

    If you find the bohemian style suits you, just remember: don't be anyone you're not. That's the whole key to The Bohemian.

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